The Winward "family" of casinos - trigger warning: rogue

neon claws

Jan 5, 2020
So I know these guys are dodgy, unfortunately in my country there's no longer many options.
Not looking for a lecture on better places to play, just interested in if anyone knows just how related the Winward casinos are, here's a bunch of them:

The live chat (same people on all the sites) will assure you they're different casinos, but they're functionally identical.

I see two possibilities: it's all the same people running a dozen casinos under different names or there's an "OEM" provider at the top that will licence you their casino system, including live support agents, presumably for a monthly fee or cut of profits.

I think the first option is more likely, since these sites are all IDENTICAL aside from minor branding changes.

If anyone has any actual knowledge of this group I'd really appreciate it.

And to reiterate: I know they're terrible.
Casinomeister hosts the official Rogue Casino site - coining the phrase in the year 2000

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