"The Who's Who Of Experts": A tribute to the knowledgeable members this forum...


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Apr 24, 2005

Hello fellow forum members :) ,

Running through countless threads over the past few weeks, and while drawing-up a few lists of my own recently, I thought it would be great idea to salute those who consistently offer their knowledge, constructive expertise, help & support, and undivided attention to assist with player's complaints here at the forum.

While I was going to draw-up a list of another "10", and rather than doing that again, I've reduced it to "5". I've also decided not to number anyone in a "1-through-5" order this time. It would be wiser to avoid being overly prejudiced in this case. My list of the most prominent posters, was more in fun spirit, and rather, was my opinion of who're the most recognizable people/characters/handles that are members here at Casinomeister.com. So, for that type of a category, a list of "1-through-10" was okay.

Why not this time? I think it's impossible to determine who offers the most knowledge at any given time, rather, I would see it as the wealth of data and facts spread-out and made available/provided by the most reputable of posters over the past 12 months. I feel that those whom I'm about to mention, you will almost ALWAYS find at least one of them who'll reply to various queries in literally every thread. Most notably, in the complaints thread. So enough of that, let's get on with the list of "Experts".


by John Steed


If I wanted to gather some insight and analysis into the workings of a casino's operations, this is THE person to talk to. As I seem to recall, Jetset was REALLY involved with online casino management at one time. And as you may or may not already know, he's presently the Senior Partner for the InfoPowa News Service. Beyond that, he's also a major player here at Casinomeister.com.

Always offering his help, and always striving for justice, I would gather he's more of the type of person who'd much rather have a discussion over an argument. Rather, I think he'd be able to distinguish which of the two is developing before it's too late. Why even state such a thing? Well, because when pondering (and guessing... because that's all I'm left with) about the subject of Jetset, throwing my perception of him into any schema, I have a very vivid image of a man offering evenness and well-laid-out information, while always being progressive with his efforts. Forever - never regressive. Always constructive. Perhaps my perception is reality?

Unfailingly balanced in his postings, fair, which is a direct result of his working both sides of the fence for a great number of years. I hope to one day have his knack for consistently delivering eloquent writings.


He's either in Heaven (as listed), or he REALLY is residing in Thailand. Titles include being a "Forum Critic" and "Devil's Advocate", as well as Webmaster of Got2Bet. He also (like Jetset, Mary, and Casinomeister...) deals with player's complaints. As said by the Casinomeister himself in his February 4th/2004 webcast (interview recorded on a subway), "One I turn to for webmaster advice... and in times for player issues..."

I'd have to think that Spearmaster, is a hybrid of both Jetset and Casinomeister. Like Jetset, he has that towering knowledge of the industry and routinely shows the ability to be articulate in his writing (not easy to do day-in/day-out), while being comical and off-the-wall like the Casinomeister from time-to-time while posting an occasional* Winner Screenshot (although as we learned, *not-so-occasional in '05).

Sidenote: I see that your favorite group is Earth Wind & Fire. While I'm not sure if you're being serious or not (because Johnny "Fever" of WKRP might howl-in-laughter with that one), I ALSO like them. For what it's worth, "After The Love Has Gone" (1979 Album: I Am) is one of my favorite songs.

Sidenote II: "EW&F" have 29 albums to date!!! How and when did all of that happen?


While I've never had any kind of connection with Mary (in any threads), it's hard not to recognize someone who's cleaning-up the realm of online gaming, as best as she can do. Upon researching this piece, I was astounded by the amount of work she puts in at this forum. I guess, with my generally avoiding the complaints section of the forum, I hadn't seen much of her work until more recently. Better to quote from someone who knows her better than I ever will...


Mary is a real live woman in the States with a strongly developed sense of fairness and a steely determination to pursue the thieves and villains of this industry through her absolutely outstanding and freely donated talent for research and enquiry. Believe me, she is formidable and a real asset to the *positive* side of the business. She may not post in the general threads quite as much as she used to, but her posts are always right on the mark and totally honest.

Her work in the "Vegas Frontier and FortuneLoungeSpam" thread alone, shows you how relentless this person is at seeking-out justice. I'll put her at the Top of my most underrated list.

Personally, I like how she breaks down and simplifies everything she wants to say. I've noticed that in lots of her posts, she likes to clearly state examples in point form, and not just a few of them, but ALL of them. I think she has all of her angles covered. Her style of writing is exceptional. All substance, with style, but (unlike me) no fluff.


Casino Watchdog and Player Advocate, one would have to believe he's the strongest voice in the online gaming industry. I've been thinking about the other figureheads in the industry, at whatever capacity (magazine editors/writers/casino owners/managers/webmasters/ect...) and I can't think of one person who matches Bryan Bailey in terms of influence. How about the most recognizable faces like BoDog's CEO Calvin Eyre or GAMBLING ONLINE editor Michael Caselli? Sure, we all know who they are, but are their voices stronger than Bryan Bailey's? I'm not so sure. Okay, so magazine covers and advertisements abound will ultimately play on our perceptions of who has the biggest influence. But take note, the leaders in the online gaming industry (from what I've been reading) routinely keep tabs on this particular site, and for great reasons.

He's been offering a free-service since '98. Is Bryan Bailey just working for the player? No. He's said as much time and again. I can think of a few other watchdog sites which have lost their focus on what their main goal once was. Either they've become too biased towards the players, or the casinos have those webmasters in their back-pocket. In other words, jaded. There are certainly other credible gaming sites to choose from, but I trust and believe-in what the Casinomeister has been doing here for quite some time.

Sidenote: A man who knows exactly what he likes, adhores it, and elevates it to new heights. I would imagine that if I were to meet Mr. Bailey at one of those Online Gaming Conventions, and if I asked him to list his Top-5's/favorites/likes/dislikes about television/film/music/books/food/beers, he'd give me a well-thought-out list. Just a hunch.


Always adding immeasurable amounts of jollity in everything he does. His profile may state that he's secretive, but his writing would contradict that statement in various ways. Quite the busy bee, never mind being dubbed "Interweb Wanderer and Moderator", and as we all know, aside from helping-out at this forum, he's the man behind OGGS and Slot Junkies Competitions (with Casinomeister). In my brief time here, his avatar has been the one that's popped-up the most, and that goes to show you how much he's extending himself, making everything THAT much more enjoyable.

We all know how valuable Simmo! is to the "Online Casinos and Casinomeister" & "Slot Junkies Competition" sections, but it seems whenever he does get the chance, you'll see his avatar pop-up quite frequently in the complaints section of the forum as well, forever being resourceful. All though he doesn't deal directly with the players complaints at this board (that's what I've heard... correct me if I'm wrong), he by-all-means helps in diverse magnitudes. I'm certain we've all taken notice.

Whilst some people elect to do lines of coke to take the "edge-off", I'm more than satisfied with following the travails of this Jim Henson'esque persona to get me centred. When it seems like everything is going-to-hell, we can all use a solid dose of Sesame Street. That's Simmo! (at least to me). Casinomeister is certainly loaded with a colorful array of characters, but if there were no Simmo!, it could get very boring very quickly. He helps in many many many ways.

And if I could add just one more to this list...


When someone has a question, more often than not, he's one of those replying with something useful. I would believe that while glossing-over the threads, he doesn't have the patience to read threads like this one. "Rubbish... absolute rubbish... get-the-point or be silent!!!", he grumbles. I can understand and appreciate that. Be selective with the words you choose, and he is.

He doles out his information, precisely how my father used to dole out allowances to the children. No smiles. Reluctantly reaching into his pants' pocket, ever-so-slowly pulling the wallet out (as if a Cobra were to jump-out-from-behind-the-dresser if he were to react too quickly), looking at the wallet... staring... hesitating to open it... does so after a few torturing seconds (almost to the point where me and my sisters wanted to call the whole thing off)... wallet half-open... you can literally hear him saying the words "Fuck!" without actually having said anything... again, he reluctantly proceeds... the ever-so-slightest turn of the head... passive-aggressively reminding us how he doesn't think we deserve that allowance... reaches-into his wallet... makes sure that we see the crisp hundred dollar bills off to the side there... takes the bills that he's the give us... and with the quickest-snap of the thumb w/dollar bill (like only THE best bank-tellers can do)... proceeds to dole out our allowances. After a few quiet moments, when the children have all left the room to go shopping, he saunters back to his reclining-chair, and watches an episode of "M.A.S.H."

Having said that, I can count on my father for anything. Sure, there's ALWAYS going to be that "routine" that comes along with the favor, but he's there whenever you need him. To me, that's GrandMaster. Always helpful, never wasting a single-letter of text.


Others I had in mind when creating this list would include:

- dominique: Always getting right in there with assorted complaints threads.

- caruso: I wanted to add him to the list, because of the great efforts he's put into so many causes over the years. However, I also had to consider "progressive" thinking when doing this list.

- Sirius: Looking past one particular thread, he's historically (as I've read) been helpful at various times.


Other considerations...

- suzecat

- Webzcas

- Petunia

- Vinylweatherman

- Macgyver

- Ivy29

- thelawnet

- paul1

I'd have to think that almost everyone who posts here, are very helpful in whatever capacity they can offer. Not everyone is attuned to the fine-print and the technical-side of online gambling. At times, all of it gives me an unbearable headache. I'd like to think that many others have knowledge of gaming experience on their side. For every dealing we've had with any particular casino, good or bad, winning or losing, it all adds up to the heaps of information being passed around here at Casinomeister.com.

John Steed

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You keep flattering me like that and I will have to fly to your area to buy you dinner :)

Thanks again. The Devil's Advocate does indeed live in Heaven :)

As for favorite musical group, I was forced to put that in when I finally updated my profile, as some fields which weren't required in the past were now required.

EW&F is just one of my favorite groups, and the one that came to mind at the time. You can also throw Chicago, ELO, and Queen/Freddie Mercury in that pile. Manhattan Transfer, The Commodores too... in other words, I don't have "A" single favorite group, I like most mainstream music.

And in your list of 5 - actually 6... I personally know everyone but the man at #6, Grandmaster, who I hope to get the chance to meet this month. And I can confidently assure you that you are right on the mark, and I am very proud to know and be associated with all of them.

Now I've got a little teaser for you :)

Remember our discussion about lucky numbers? 4 and 14 actually come out of 41, which is my true lucky number, and the number of the apartment I once lived in when I was young.

Without any further clues, and being the baseball statistician you are, can you guess who my favorite baseball player of all time is?
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I echo Spearmaster lol. Thanks but I seriously i dont deserve to be in there with those four...they are way more knowledgable than me. I just tag along in the hope they buy me drinks at the conferences. Well i did, til i got to know Spear and realised i was wasting my time ;)

Talking of which Spear...2 weeks and counting...don't forget my tenner ;)

My word, JS...you're setting some tough standards for us to live up to with your critiques in this thread, but thanks anyway for the kind words.

I would like to quote one sentence from your post above, because I think it is relevant to this forum:

"I'd have to think that almost everyone that posts here, is helpful in whatever capacity they can offer."

That, and the generally easy going atmosphere here makes this a great venue for information and communicating on our common interest.
Just to add on to what Jetset pointed out...

This is a community - it's successful simply because of this. It's not a one-man (or robot) show, a 5 man show, whatever - it works only because everyone participates and offers their thoughts.

Everyone here contributes something of value (well, almost everyone, all Simmo wants is a tenner in one hand and a pint in the other :D ) - seriously though, I learn as much from all of you as I learn from those you've placed in your list.

Simmo, what exactly is Partygaming's value now? :D
*sniff* Finally, someone who appreciates the beauty and simplicity of bulleted lists...

I feel loved.

*sniff* *sniff*
Excellent thread as usual Steed!

Every online player should be grateful for the years of help given by Jetset, Spear, Meister and Mary.

They all have been a major part of the growth of this industry and have been of especially great help to the player community.

Thanks for recognizing this Steed.

(PS- Caruso and Jydeman would be next on my list)
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Westland Bowl

Johnsteed, I know you are too modest to include yourself in the list but you go right there too. Cheers!

Wow, "BIG THANKS" Westland Bowl. :oops: But, there's no way I'm in their league. The people that I mentioned are those who excel at helping players, in oh-so-many ways. Whether it be players issues, queries & complaints, insight into the micro & macro-levels of the online gaming industry. I don't have the resources, nor the patience, to do what they do. :confused: They've all been committed to making the online gaming world a more trustworthy place (at least that's my belief).


Sidenote I: If I had to think about my placing (in terms of members who help others... which is difficult to do), I wouldn't even be a consideration as far as I'm concerned.

Sidenote II: Daffy, if and when I make a list of "The Best Looney Tunes Characters Who Are Forum Members", you're at the top of the list. Without hesitation. :thumbsup:


johnsteed said:
Hey Daffy, Spearmaster (if he's still lurking in the background somewhere) or anyone else for that matter, I'd love to read about who you'd consider to be the "Top-10" ("20") athletes of "All-Time". Any sport you can think of....
Sure thing, but lets keep this thread on topic. There is a Sportsbook forum that would make a nice home for that :D

...I guess in some circles, Poker is considered a sport, but I have a difficult time picturing Doyle Brunson or Annie Duke doing anything other than sitting-down... not exactly athlete material.
And the Pokerroom forum... :D
Can I put this where Credit is Due?

Can I put this where Credit is Due?
This is where it goes right?

Massive oversight...



Hello fellow forum members,

While I found that my list of most helpful/knowledgeable members is sound, there was a huge oversight on my part by not including BingoT. So, it's not complete...

Okay, so I never play BINGO (other than with my students), therefore I never go into that section of the forum. But after taking a look at all of BingoT's efforts, I'm kicking myself for not mentioning him.

What I do know, is that he's from Hartford, Conneticut. He's in nursing and helps sick children, and he runs bus trips to the casinos. He also does many fundraisers for sick children (information taken from his profile). And he does tons of work in the Bingo section here at Casinomeister. So, never mind all the work he puts forth here, he sounds like a super-individual. My hats off to you for all the work you do.

Thank you.

Sidenote: (I was once a Whalers fan... Blaine Stoughton, Mike Liut, and of course, Ron Francis ).

Now back to baseball...



The Following User Says Thank You to johnsteed For This Useful Post:
BingoT (6th January 2006)

Hi John I want to Thank You for that compliment.
I do my best to bring joy in many kids and adults in this World and I know and like I say in my life I would love to be like a Jerry Lewis What a great guy he is. I love him for what he does.
This year I have done some much my Goal was to help 75 kids well I helped 153 Thanks to all.
People today don't know what people that have disabilities feel and do in today's life.and like I say I guess I was put here to do a good deed I guess in my past life I was a bad person lol so that's why I do this stuff.
I say take all the normal kids and bring them for a day to a Children's Hospital and let them see what the real life is all about. When my kids are off from school they come to work with me. My 16 year old is starting to feel it in his heart. & they love every minute of the time they spend reading or playing with the kids I take care of.
John again I want to Thank You you made me feel special today
Your friend
Ps and a Big Thank You to all here at (Bryan's) Casinomeister's Forum
And please if I get out of hand please tell me off

And John The Whalers may come back to Hartford too Big talks going on with this


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