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Sep 5, 2003
Avenel, New Jersey you think that when you have the time you can update your list of The Virtual Casino Group so that I may compare it with mine? Your list is almost exactly one year old.
What I'd like to eliminate the casinos that were taken offline and have our posters know exactly which casinos remain as part of their group.
Thanks in advance.

Update 16 September 2004

Issues with Virtual Casinos:

The Virtual Casino group gained a reputation of being a casino group that had a lot of problems. Their management was highly disorganized, they relied heavily on questionable marketing tactics, most of their casinos were like loose cannons on a ship rolling around firing into their own hull. It seemed as though the managers were given free reign to take in as many players as possible, no matter how it was done.

They were placed in Casinomeister's Rogue section in November of 2002 for a number of violations of good casino practice. They seemed to be ethically challenged back then. But as time went by, they discontinued using unorthodox marketing techniques and they replaced a number of personnel that were managing their casinos. Complaints were few and far between, and they seemed to have finally seen the light: honest players need to be paid their winnings expediently - customer service needs to be effective and quick.

I met the operator in London at the ICE 2004. We talked a bit - I detailed some of the complaints that concerned his business, and he spoke about how they had hired new managers and that they were turning over a new leaf. We agreed that if complaints would stop coming in, the Virtual Casino group would be removed from the "Rogue Section". After several months of quietness, they were removed.

If this operator continues to run his operations in an ethical and honorable manner, and is answerable to player concerns, then we have succeeded in delivering someone from the darkside. The players will be the first to know if Virtual Casino resorts to their former ways. Reports of misconduct or claims for any of the above casinos should be lodged here.

Virtual Casino Group
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