The Vegas Strip - The End?


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Mar 26, 2001
Realtime gaming - Payments Stopped At The Strip?

The group of casinos known as The Vegas Strip: America's Online, Cleopatra's, Club Regal, Club Mardi-Gras and E-World has certainly had a generous portion of publicity this year, most of which they would have no doubt passed on given the opportunity.
Christopher's letter however, amongst others, brought them to our attention yet again.

It read in part, "I have exchanged a dozen emails and made a dozen phone calls to this group. They have given every excuse in the book and yet I still find myself waiting over two months for my winnings in excess of $215, please help!"

It is always disturbing to hear of problems paying these small sums of money and we were happy to look into it.

The casino was thorough in their response, "We have experienced several situations that have caused us to delay payments. We apologize for this regretful situation but do hope that our customers understand and bear with us regarding this matter. As soon as we are back to normal, we will start sending the customer's withdrawal requests."

Back to normal? Hmmmm.

Daniela continued to explain, "As you know, we work with processors that receive the monies that our customers deposit. They send us these monies each week in a wire transfer and we use it among other things to send our customers their winnings.

"Last week, our processor sent us a letter saying that they were having problems with their own processor and that they were not going to be able to send us our wire transfers for the next couple of weeks."

In other words, Jane Gambler buys $100 everyday for a week, at the end of the week the casino expects one huge wire for Jane's $700 from the processor. Then, they pay all the salaries, operational costs and (hopefully), the winners out of that big wire.

This week however, rather than a wire, they say they received a letter saying no wire was coming for several weeks. OOPS!

Not only do they vow to exert a great deal of pressure on this processor to get their money, but they are rapidly looking for a new processor, to avoid a repeat performance.

The long and short of it is they cannot service their debt at the moment and are asking for patience while they regroup.

As they explain it, it would be much the same thing as a bank disappearing with a shop-keepers weekly deposit. He can't buy this weeks stock because the bank took all the money they earned selling last weeks stock, so he has a shop with bare shelves and nothing to "keep". Very bad scenario.

The scenario is even more tragic when your primary product is money.

As for promises of WHEN payments will resume processing, Daniela hesitates to comment, stating they would prefer not taking the risk of making a promise they cannot fulfill.

As they are making it clear no payments are processing, there is no point in contacting the Vegas Strip for each individual case at this time. Should you have a transaction pending and want your case to be amongst those we include in our inquiries, feel free to submit them through the Gambling Grumbles site.

We will provide an update just as soon as more information is available.

By : Julie Sidwell, 11/01/2001


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Feb 22, 2001
That sounds like bad news to reserves to bridge crises like this? Hand-to-mouth operating is suggested by an appeal to players to be patient because for whatever reason you don't have the cash to pay them.

If a casino knows it does not have the capability to pay its players timeously should it still be accepting wagers?


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Jun 30, 1998
Why do you think they decided to rip off the Danish players??

This was the same excuse they gave me nearly two months ago and I made this public. :confused:

I don't understand why anyone still goes to these casinos after what happened to the Danes.

These players are either braindead, or they simply have just lost their minds.



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Sep 14, 2001
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"I don't understand why anyone still goes to these casinos after what happened to the Danes.

These players are either braindead, or they simply have just lost their minds."

Probably a combination of both. :eek: