The Tizuko-3 Handicapping System



Thanks for all the valuable info on this Tizuko character. My friend got a mailing for this guy's "super system" and it even included getting a free copy of their awesome baccarat-craps-blackjack system, the "Tizuko-2", all for the amazing price of only $225 (discounted from $495) and the Tizuko-2 gets included FOR FREE (WOW)!

I can't find this guy's name anywhere searching the 'Net (must be really famous, huh?) Also, most of the other discussions mentioned Wright Publishing in New York (a boiler-room book joint, attested to by my friend's copy of the "Make $100 per day" book which turned out to be real c**p) and my offer comes from Mar-Comp (a P.O. Box in Vegas). There is a Mar-Comp in Lansing, MI. which hawks a Race/SportsBook hand-held computer that has been written up in Casino Player magazine, so I guess this group is using that name to suck in some other gullible folks.

I'll let my friend know that I saved him $225, unless someone wants to admit to getting this thing and proving that it works....otherwise, this mailing is "shredder-fodder".