The "T" has a cold & today I am making my Chicken Soup


Nurses love to give shots
Hello everyone I just wanted to tell you that the BingoT has a cold :(
And today I am home making my Chicken Soup
I am making two large batches so my stove top is loaded with big pots in the cooking mode.
I also added two packs 2lbs each of chicken boneless breasts to the mix.
Come on over and have soup today with the T
Love ya all

Here is my Chicken Soup

I make a great chicken soup

Get a Perdue chicken roaster 7 to 8 pounds Clean it very good lol before you put it in the pot.
Fill a 5 to 6 Gal pot to the top with chicken in.
Boil and take the &%^%$ off the top of the pot (Maybe 2 times)
Cook it until the chicken is cooked.
Add a little water just to bring it almost to the top of the pot.
(After all the stuff is in the pot)
Take chicken out and if you want to let it cool that is fine or take the chicken apart if hot.
With all them juice's in the pot add your Veggies
Celery one good stock
Onions 3 to 4 mid size

Carrots I use a bag of them just use to your liking.
Some people add a little corn I do it sometimes.
Garlic to your liking because I use a lot lol
1 can of Tomato sauce 15 oz
2 cans of diced Tomato 30 oz total
1/2 cup of Parmesan Cheese
A pinch of sea salt

As that cooks make your meatballs
In a pot of hot water add your meatballs
2 pounds of meat
a pinch of sea salt
1 cup of bread crumbs
2 to 3 eggs
1/2 cup of Parmesan Cheese
Mix and make bit size meatballs
Add to pot and cook
Rinse in cold water

Make two pounds of pasta The small tube type

Add the meatballs to the soup and add escaroll one or two bunches And cook
You can add the pasta or keep it to the side.

This make a lot for you to freeze


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Ahhhh, I hope you are feeling better soon! Colds suck. Working with the public doesn't help, you would be surprised how many people think nothing of sneezing and cough on you and leaving their snotty tissues on the table/seat/floor when they leave a restaurant.


Dormant account
Have you ever tried Colloidal Silver? The hubby and I use it all the time and never get colds or flu's.


Nurses love to give shots
Have you ever tried Colloidal Silver? The hubby and I use it all the time and never get colds or flu's.
Oh yes many Doctors do tell you to use Colloidal Silver products.
I have not gotten sick in two & a half years & it &^&(*( & I do not go in the health field for any reason if I feel this way for the patient safety & health.
And the worst is I work with sick children and they come first for better health.
Many do go to work with the sneezing and coughing but if I see this I do send them home or they must put on a mask.
Many just don't have the sick time on the books to stay home.
The one thing I feel many should use is lots of garlic in your cooking lol I think it helps.
Well all my 10 gallons of chicken soup is done & ready to be put in containers and put in the freezer.Thank God for big freezers lol.

Everyone is invited to come on over for the best soup in town.:thumbsup:

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