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Sep 30, 2003
I had my first experience at "the spin room" today. I first saw this casino here, in casinomeister. Although the bonus they offer seems a little bit strange, because you have to wager it 20 times before they add it in your account, I must admit that the spin room is one of the best casinos out there. I also made a mistake regarding the bonus terms and contacted the cs for this. Not only they answered me in an hour but they add the full bonus amount in my account without any hassle although I didn't meet the terms ( by mistake of course ). I mostly played carribean poker which seemed pretty fair to me. That's all for "The Spin Room".

Has anyone something to add? Experiences etc...

Bye all!!!

For a "no-download" casino it is pretty good and for table games up there on a "likeability" front. But for me personally, it doesnt compare to the Microgaming casinos when it comes to non-table games though.
They're ok - however email support is totally useless, takes days to get a response and then they usually don't even answer your question.

Had most of my worst blackjack sessions there (3K down in one session once), but I was martingaling so doesn't prove anything.

No problems getting paid though :thumbsup:
They're ok - however email support is totally useless, takes days to get a response and then they usually don't even answer your question.

But they answered my emails in one hour. I think they have very nice CS. When did you play last time? I found them very prompt and usefull. I
asked for a withdrawal today. Let's see how much it takes them to pay me.
Strangely enough I just sent them an email yesterday evening because they hadn't given me the correct bonus on a deposit I made - am yet to get a response (did receive the automated response).

They may be quick when you've just opened an account but they certainly aint once you've played there for months. I've played there a few times a month for about a year.

I once had to 'pitch a bitch' because they gave me a smaller bonus than they should have done after I'd done the wagering (and didn't reply to 4 or 5 emails I sent them). Fat lot of good that did me, never received a reply from Bryan (not for the first time - did chase him up) or them.

Ended up just writing it off, even though that was the session I lost 3K in. :(

Still, they do definitely pay and very quickly - had some fairly big wins there as well and paid the amount in full within 2 days.
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Dirk Diggler, do you recall how long does it take for them to return funds back to my debit card? I asked for a withdrawal and received no email or something that says " Ok. we received your withdrawal request.... blah,blah..".

Does anyone have any withdrawal experience from the spin room?
I asked for a second withdrawal today but no clue for them this time
too. Only the statement says that I withdraw money back to my card.
I have no idea how long does it take them to pay me...
Any help?? Perhaps rating 10/10 is much for them....
I start lower it to 9/10 and we ll see..... :)

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