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Jan 7, 2005
Hey guys

I ve got the website
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up and running for about two months now. (it still needs some work but the basic site is finished)

As everyone does when finishing a website I ve added my website to all the possible search engines and a few link sites. This generates for about 100 unique visitors a day. Ofcourse i need way more than that so I ve been looking at the payperclick search engines. But as i already thought i am not the only one doing that. Some bids go up to 4.50 USD per click! Has anyone of you guys have any experiance with those engines? Do they work? What other advertising possibilities work best for you?

hope to hear from you!
re Traffic/PPC


PPC is best used on the more limited terms if you're starting out but dont expect masses of clicks. The key is converting the traffic you send and the key to that is managing expectations. The 100 clicks a day is pretty good as long as its targetted traffic. Then the info you present them should ensure that there are no nasty surprises when you send them over, else they wont convert.

Now sorry if I'm teaching you to suck eggs here but the following is so important, its worth mentioning:

Basically be honest on your site and dont be afraid to highlight an area where a casino is under-achieving - if a visitor sees a bonus has a big WR (for example) on your site they will probably go click another link. If you dont tell them, they go to the casino then find out, you've probably lost them. Play all the casinos you represent so you know which ones work and which ones dont manage the player well. If thats unachievable then choose some and prioritise those.

Also, be careful which casinos you choose to promote. If you pick a casino with a bad rep, your site will gain a bad rep over time too and its morally unethical to promote a casino you wouldn't trust yourself IMHO.

The best resource for getting traffic is - brilliant SEO forums there. Look out for Brett's 26 tips thread from a while back! Content is king (links are up there too as you'll see in the "links" forum at WMW).

Its a lot of hard work - and expect a long haul - but your aim should be to get a resource players trust and feel safe with. Like the Meister has done here.



PS. You need to change your <title> tag to something more descriptive pronto ;) Layout is clean though. Could use some more unique info on the front page though or you run the risk of becoming viewed as a banner farm. And dont use pre-written reviews whatever you do. Duplicate content penalties from Google et al on the horizon.
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Thanx Simmo!

Always good to get a few pointers. (still trying to get the feeds into the mysql database by the way, Ill mention casinofeed to everyone on the CAC in Amsterdam this april, the feeds rule!!!)

I agree with you on the content part, you need some kind of unique thing to keep players returning to your website. I think the thing you need to create is some kind of players community, where players can get info on all the casino's, forums, reviews etc etc.

But still when you have just started a portal you need to get initial traffic to your webiste. regular SE are hopeless, there are to many portals and you will never be found. Therefore other options need to be considerd. I have just visited the goclick SE en deposited some money. already recieved 50 unique visitors! maybe ill try overture and 7search also.

I am trying to focus on the european market because there is more potential in my opinion. Iam also looking for non gambling sites where i can advertise, maybe players also like to watch adult content? anyone got any ideas about that? Anyway the local google (NL) and other SE are not as spammed with gambling sites as the .com SE. But ofcourse the market for gambling is not as big here as it is in the US.

Is anyone else comming to Amsterdam?
How do you manage to get 100 uniques per day just from seo on a site that's been around for a few months and a few link exchanges? Where are they coming from? Search engines? 100 is really good for such a young site! :)
Its a lot easyer to get traffic from se in countries that arent known as "gambling countries" thats where other portals arent paying 4.50 USD per click!
So the most clicks I get are from local countries here around holland and I also recently started advertising on a adult site but i dont know if this will work yet.

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