The Sand Princess(NEW MG)


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Feb 11, 2013
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New Mg one The Sand Princess is fantastic folks. It's developed by their subsidiary company JFTW.

It's a 30 liner with a 2000x jackpot (in the Random Multipliers feature) Go give it a try for fun @ Vera John. Will definitely try it for real!

It has 4 different free spins features 2 high volatility and 2 low volatility. So in this case it is important which one you choose. :)

Great base game with mini features too.
About f**king time MG!! :laugh::D
Not sure what is so Sandy about this castle of a slot, but I see a "2 x 2 Gaming" logo in the lower left hand corner when I load it up and the interface is pretty much what 2x2 uses... JFTW has a completely different interface that they use on the slots.
I tried the game a little bit in demo and holy shit, and if this is actually JFTW (since it said something else in the bottom left), that's a black mark on their games from me for sure, jesus what a piece of shit. I think I hit anything on average 1/30 hits and it was never more than half the bet.
Ok my mistake it is 2x2 but it's not shit look at this pic.
Must have massive potential.

I kept hitting bonuses @4048 I think the reason I thought JFTW is because I was playing some JFTW ones yesterday. Win of 120 grand.... still 7 spins remaining.... Still bad guys?? :rolleyes:

I think is just very high variance for a 2x2.


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