the rogue casino:

HUH??? :what:
LOL, yup Soap, I knew that. My HUH was directed at Mr. 88 there....I've seen some silly posts, but that one takes the cake. :confused:

Edited to add: He's a fellow Canuck, YIKES!!!!
Canadian? Ha ha ha, j/k. Actually, just clicked link now, forum I get redirected to is in either Japanese or Chinese, something like that.....didn't even realize there was a link, lmaoo... I was just looking at the 455454, whatever, trying to figure out what in the hell it was supposed to mean. Maybe I should just go to sleep now, lol.
i dont think its spam, well because that doesnt look like any spam i ever seen maybe it was a mess up or something
Evil poster...


:eek: betting88

I think we're going to need a CIA "code-breaker" on this one. My low-end math leads me to this...

(4+5) = 9 (5+4) = 9 (5+4) = 9... putting them together (not adding of course) brings us "999" (which if flipped upside-down reads 666... evil :icon_twis )

betting88 said:

If you have something to say, say it. Don't come to the board and start a thread xyzcasino = rogue, and then leave a bunch of crap for the forum members to try and figure out. That's a fast track to either being banned or having your linking capabilities removed (which has happened BTW).

Use proper forum etiquette - post a synopsis and provide a link. Thank you.
This player deposited $200, got $200 new player bonus, played to $700 and didn't even make any withdrawal, then received the letter. 888 insisted to close his account though he sent his identification documents. How can treat chinese players like this? AS I said before in this forum, discrimination exists. is one of who treat chinese players unfair.

Dear W****

I am Bill W from the Operations Department at Cassava Enterprises (Gibraltar) Ltd.

Thank you for your email and attachment of your photograph identity card. Please be advised that I have reviewed your account but I regret to inform you that it will remain permanently closed in accordance with company policy.

I have pasted below a copy of the email previously sent to you by my colleague:

"This is James W. from the Operations Department at Cassava (Gibraltar) Ltd. Cassava (Gibraltar) Ltd operates "Casino-on-Net".

This Email is to inform you of the blocking of your account owned and operated by

Routine checks of your account revealed that your are attempting to abuse our 1st deposit bonus scheme.

In the event that the Company believes a user is abusing or attempting to abuse a bonus or other promotion, or is likely to benefit through abuse or lack of good faith from a gaming policy adopted by the Company, then the Company may, at its sole discretion, deny, withhold or withdraw
from any user any bonus or promotion, or rescind any policy with respect to that user, either temporarily or permanently, or terminate that user's access to the Service and/or block that user's account.

Therefore, as per our Terms and Conditions, we have permanently blocked your accounts with our sites.

Please refrain from opening any new accounts with our sites, as any deposits made on new accounts will not be refunded, and any cashout requests made will not be honoured."
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Another chinese player received this letter after he won $1000 dollars at Pacific Poker. He won from $400 and more than $1000 one day, then 888 suspected he was laundrying money and closed his account. What a stupid assumpation! He was blamed for his winnings from other loose players. How ridiculous it is! Does 888 dare to treat any North American player this way? I never heard of that.

We have become alerted to several patterns of play upon your account that indicate a breach of our Terms And Conditions. We have conducted an investigation into your account to discover any signs of fraudulent activity. The patterns we are concerned with include the intentional losing of hands, as a method of transferring funds through our tables.

Our Terms And Conditions details our stance with any accounts where it is discovered this has occurred:

''If the Company has suspicion that you may be engaging in or have engaged in fraudulent, unlawful or improper activity, including without limitation, money laundering activities, your access to the Service may be terminated immediately and/or your account blocked, and the Company shall be entitled to inform relevant authorities.''

Therefore, in accordance with these conditions, your account with ourselves has been permanently blocked. No further transactions will occur upon this account, and any future accounts that you open will be closed, and their deposits will not be refunded.
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