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Jul 23, 2006
Manchester UK
How about these for T&C's;

If the casino deems that you have wagered and risked only the BONUS in order to pass the audit, the casino reserves the right to void any winnings resulting from these wagers as well as the bonus itself, and will refund your purchases.

I feel a lot of "deeming" coming on :what:

Heads we win, tails you lose:rolleyes:
Are those actual T&Cs from a casino? I wonder which one...

The problem with a term like this is that it goes against the principle that once you meet all the wagering requirements attached to a bonus, the bonus and any winnings derived from it are no longer bonus funds but your own cash funds.

most bonus T&C's do not use this language.
This casino has substituted the usual statement, about if the terms and conditions are not met, with if they deem you are only risking your bonus.
Firstly you must wager your deposit first so infact it is impossible to only risk your bonus while wagering.
Secondly with the term "if they deem" basically means whenever they feel like it, be it on a coin flip or a whim or because they are having a bad Day.
Totally unacceptable.
The Casino is Flamingo Club who sent me a promo email.
oops wrong name

oops dunno if there is a Flamingo club casino but I got that wrong it is called the TopCard Casino but I cant edit it now.
Anyone heard of this Casino or played there?
Don't worry about it Rusty. I think Flamingo Club and Top Card may be part of the same group - they're both licensed in Kahnawake and both offer a 200% sign up bonus.

I have accounts with a few casinos in the group I think they belong to - occasionally I get an e-mail which says it's from one casino but is actually about my account at a different one, so maybe that's where the confusion arose.
I love these T&C's. Thank god I don't like Bingo. :thumbsup:

Furthermore, in order to prevent abuse of our normal deposit bonus and special deposit incentives, players will be required to complete an "acceptable" amount of gaming activity before being eligible to request a withdrawal of any deposit within 30 days of making such deposit. Our accounts team will be the final arbitrator of what constitutes "acceptable" gaming activity on a case by case basis.

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