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The Playtech Problem

Discussion in 'Online Casino and Poker Complaints - old section' started by funeralparty, Apr 11, 2005.

    Apr 11, 2005
  1. funeralparty

    funeralparty Dormant account

    I have posted on here before that I have always been a big fan of Playtech software. Even though I have made over 100 deposits at Playtech casinos in the past 4 years, I couldn't tell you about their slow withdraw times that I always hear about.....i've never made one. Of course, I have been ahead at times, I just don't make cash ins unless i've won a substantial amount. At any rate, I will never deposit at another Playtech casino again.

    My last session wasn't too bad, all things considered. 26 hands: 16 losses, 2 pushes, 8 wins. In that little run, 5 dealer BJ's to my 1. The last 7 hands that busted me out (when they turned the switch on) inclused 7 losses in which the dealer managed 3 BJ's and 4 pat 20's. Again, I have been playing Playtech for over 4 years....you get a feel for how the cards slide across the screen. During that span of 7 hands, I can't really explain it,....there was a slight pause before each hand, and the cards were dealt out with a little more of a "jagged feel" Hard to explain, but im sure others here who have played Playtech before know what I am talking about. And no, it wasn't internet traffic or a busy server that caused the pause.

    I have read on here in the past where many have eluded to the fact that they felt Playtech BJ was rigged. And then, a couple of the more experienced posters on here, said they had "reasonable results" ......after playing several 1000 hands.....one even said they had acheived over a 100% payback.

    The problem with this is that when people conduct these tests where they play several thousand hands, or whatever the case may be, im sure they are flat betting maybe a $1 or $2. Playtech, or any software provider for that matter, realises that no one is going to be giving their BJ a test run flat betting say, $100 a hand. So it would be VERY easy for them to put something in their BJ code, when the bet exceeds a certain amount, or when a bet exceeds a certain % of a persons deposit, or something to that effect.
    I've seen it happen, time and time again.

    Of course, im sure no one is going to shell out 50 grand or so, just to see if Playtech deals a fair game when the stakes are high. So players will continue to get screwed, unless of course they keep their bets to a few bucks. I wish I had saved all my BJ logs for the past 4 years, so of course I have no proof. I do remember a thread on here, maybe six months or so ago, about a player who posted screenshots of 8 straight $500 losses on Playtech roulette. As many people pointed out, not that unlikely of an event......but business as usual for high stakes Playtech.

    If anyone else has similar experiences, please post.
  2. Apr 17, 2005
  3. ohdreampop

    ohdreampop Dormant account

    I have had decent luck overall with high stakes at Playtech.
    You know, they CAN give you logs if you ask. Are you sure you're playing correct strategy?
  4. Apr 17, 2005
  5. winbig

    winbig Keep winning this amount.


    Same here...a few sessions back I won $1000 from a $50 deposit w/100% bonus. All from live BJ...and yes I had quite a few runs during that session like you describe also...the key to survive those bad streaks is to bet the table minimum and ride it out. This will cut your losses considerably. It seems to me that if you busted out on 16 dealer wins, you were chasing your losses.

    But while the thought of "rigged" or "turning the switch on" does come to mind, well...doesn't that come to mind in every "unbelievably bad" session like the one you described? Truth is, you'll definately get those bad runs in BJ at least every other session. Bottom line is when you lose (me included), we like to put blame on something out of our control and call it "rigged". Best thing to do is just take your licking and move on.
    Last edited: Apr 17, 2005
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  6. May 12, 2005
  7. funeralparty

    funeralparty Dormant account

    Not staying true to my word, I decided to give Twin Aces Casino another try this evening (the only Playtech I play at now). Since my big win last month, I had a little pocket change to spare :)

    Well, of course I had yet another unbelievably bad BJ streak. I was hoping I could get the assistance of one of the more experienced posters on here to take a look at my logs for the last session I played....and make sure im not completely nuts.

    Which brings me to my other irritation: After requesting my BJ logs for today, I was told they have forwarded my request to the security department :what:

    Why is that I can go to Playcheck and see my games played at microgaming...and yet have to wade thru this muck with Playtech??? There is a history button within the software, but it only shows the last 20 hands or so...
  8. May 12, 2005
  9. funeralparty

    funeralparty Dormant account

    Now im REALLY pissed!

    This is the reply I got from the security department regarding my request:

    In regards to your previous message, we apologize for any inconvenience but unfortunately it is impossible for us to provide you with the requested information. Please note that after a recent update from our software provider we are not able to copy the images of your games anymore. This is because the pictures are linked to the a special interface and if we just copy/paste it, the link would go along with other information.

    But you have access to review your last hands in the game history and in case you require a screen shot of one specific hand, we would be more than glad to help you out.

    Again, we are truly sorry that we can not honor your request. We appreciate your understanding.

    Best regards,

    Jill Beck
    Security Department Supervisor
    Main Street Vegas Group

    Is this a bunch of BS or what?!?!?!
  10. May 12, 2005
  11. Tdoggy

    Tdoggy Experienced Member

    the switch

    When on a horrible bad streak God it feels like they have "flipped" the switch on! But this is gambling. And good and bad streaks will happen. As far as only seeing your last 20 or so hands! This is not good! PlayTech has to fix this. You should be able to view your game logs! Good Lord :eek:
  12. May 12, 2005
  13. nafanny29

    nafanny29 Dormant account

    financail adviser
    London, England
    They absolutely HAVE to send you your game logs!!

    If they dont then they should refund your deposit as they have no proof that they beat you in the casino.
  14. May 12, 2005
  15. 555YY

    555YY Dormant account

    that player would be me, and it wasn't 8 straight, it was actually 13 straight losses with big bets across two separate playtech casinos, however i only captured the screenshots for last 8.

    at any rate, these days i would only make big bets on playtech live games, not that i even play that much playtech anymore after some of the bj and roulette results.

    say what you will, but there is something sketchy with playtech software period.
  16. May 12, 2005
  17. DealerBusts

    DealerBusts Dormant account

    Just don't play Playtech BJ, be wary of BJ Switch and if you must then play their live BJ games but remember to count. I'm collating some BJ Switch data with regards to the number of times the dealer busts when drawing to 12-16.
    Playtech BJ stinks and the last time i played was a year ago. I am seriously considering writing my own program to record BJ stats for Playtech. I think BJ Switch is not as bad as the regular BJ but still can go into rape mode.
  18. May 14, 2005
  19. johnsteed

    johnsteed Ueber Meister

    PlayTech hasn't played fair since '03

    I'm sure if my word means much here, but I feel that PlayTech Software is crap now. My feelings about PlayTech in '02-03 were far different then, because it felt like I could win on any given day. The amount of $20-50 deposits that turned into $1,000 happened quite regularly. I was cleaning-up at that time (that is, if I had known WHEN to stop playing that is), but those days are long gone. I started playing over at SunnyGroup and they kept throwing all of these bonuses at me (exceeding my deposits). It pays to talk to online support staff (another thread). Anyway, after playing at their (I believe) 4 casino's (chain), and playing plenty over a 1-month period, I kept losing without ever really getting up. That was all new to me. Since the 4th quarter of '03, with more confidence than I'll ever get at PlayTech BJ again, say that the games aren't true. I play at PlayTech (stopped recently) on a weekly basis, and quite a bit, and I haven't won once (using many different strategies) since mid-03. That's awful. I felt that in the early part of '03 that Royal Dice was an awesome casino that never really got much ink, and since their software upgrades since that period... I don't know what to make of them. I've been extremely loyal, and they've given me tons of bonuses (Julie), but the outcomes are ridiculous. It's not just the losing, it's how one loses. It's the ridiculous combinations that the dealer comes up with, and that you rarely have THAT same luck in your corner. Or how many times (include Global Player and InterCasino) can the dealer come up a BJ at the same time that you rarely get them? Dealers thrive when sitting on 6's these days. It's horrible, and I urge people to stay away from BJ at ALL PlayTech casino's. It's not just Royal Dice, it's across the board robbery.

    Does anyone have luck at PlayTech anymore (and I'm ignoring Royal Flushes and slots... which are flukes)?
  20. May 14, 2005
  21. samchopra

    samchopra Dormant account

    San Diego
    i feel the same way
    lost every double down or got a 3 or 4 on my doulbe down
    dealer would always pull a 20 or 21 against my 10 double downs
    and the amount of blackjacks the dealer pulled on me was not right
  22. May 14, 2005
  23. scrollock

    scrollock Senior Member

    boro, uk
    after hearing so many horror stories about playtech BJ, i have always avoided it till and just played VP at playtech until recently i was sent a 500% bonus from carnival. for a 20 deposit.

    i thought what the heck and went and played BJ, put 120 on first hand, i won, then put 240 on the next hand, won, am now sitting on 480.

    i then reduced my stakes, it only took me about 30 hands of low stakes BJ to realise that my 2 back to back wins were sheer flukes, and that i would never play playtech BJ again despite walking away with just under 400 for a 20 deposit.
  24. May 14, 2005
  25. johnsteed

    johnsteed Ueber Meister

    Advantages turned to dust...


    I'm on your page about the doubling-up situation. It's murder. You patiently wait for those opportunities you need to get to the next level, and each one of those golden opportunities (based on basic strategies) turns to dust. Especially on the doubling-up opportunites. When you're playing two hands, look at the amount of times the dealers sitting on a bust card, and you may possibly have two hands of 8's or 7's that you can split, and you're sitting on 4 nice hands, and you're toast. It happens way too many times. And splitting the Aces at PlayTech, forget it!!! Even when the dealer is showing a 6 (okay, so I'll likely still split them based on urge over instinct), you'll get the worst cards and the dealer will miraculously get a 20 or a 21. It happens way too often. My suggestion, go against EVERYTHING that the basic strategy says, because the cards seem to come out PRECISELY how you're supposed to play it. Another strategy, ALWAYS mix your strategy on the fly, change it, because it seems like the dealers playing you (not letting you play it). When I give up, and realize that the dealer is being WAY too unfair, I start to hit where I'm not supposed to, don't double up, split 9's and 10's, and I seem to do better. Which is precisely why people should stay away from PlayTech Blackjack... far, far away... (ditto Video Poker... although it plays-out fair, just not when the casino gives you their bonuses... where cards ALWAYS go south when in bonus mode).
  26. May 14, 2005
  27. johnsteed

    johnsteed Ueber Meister

    Whoops, Samchopra...

    My apologies, I didn't mean to pull of Bryon Russell on you...
  28. May 14, 2005
  29. johnsteed

    johnsteed Ueber Meister

    (correction again) a Byron Russell on you...
  30. May 14, 2005
  31. Tdoggy

    Tdoggy Experienced Member

    I agree

    I avoid playtech to. Don't like there B.J. either. Seems very unfair indeed. Probably will never play at a playtech casino again. Did win at a few a long time ago. But these days I don't know what's going on.... :confused:
  32. Jul 6, 2005
  33. jhartz

    jhartz Dormant account

    Me too

    I love the Playtech software, but I've lately (last year or so) had the strong feeling that it was very possible that the house can manipulate the outcomes at will. This is just a feeling that it based on my own personal results to date. I have finally concluded that I will just avoid their games and wait to see if they get caught. I am aware that their software could be entirely fair and that I am that one in ten thousand who ALWAYS seems to lose at the most critical and inopportune junctures.
  34. Jul 6, 2005
  35. Wal

    Wal Dormant account


    I feel excactly the same.

    If you have a 20 vs. a 6 its best to surrender, the Delaer is gonna get 21 anyway.

    Played yesterday and the dealer got 3 Black jacks in a row, surely that can happen, but combined with the other hands it gave me a bad feeling.
  36. Jul 6, 2005
  37. seymour

    seymour Dormant account

    i agree. Its swung both ways before for me. Ive had 3 blackjacks in 4 deals and the other was a 20. Guess what the 20 and pretty much every 20 that followed.... dealer drew a 21. just doesnt happen in real life.

    This coupled with kiwi and other playtech casinos stealing players funds when they win is disgusting.

    check out this for instance:

    This is insane. "without fear of risking their own money on games that they are not familiar with" so go on 100d 100b. Lose 100 with games they are not familiar with. go to withdraw. casino takes back 100b. Left with nothing. nice.
  38. Jul 7, 2005
  39. mgibson99

    mgibson99 Dormant account

    Washington DC
    Sorry this is dumb. If you think the game is rigged, then don't play. If its not rigged, then using a WAG strategy is never going to make you any money.

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