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Jun 11, 2006
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The perfect initial bonus offer... what would it be?

I'm thinking here of one that would balance the casino's interest, and the gambler. What do you think would work?

Here's what I think...

Sticky, staying in the account after withdrawl. The player gets to keep playing on the bonus, and it's harder for players to hit and run with it than a cashable.

Reasonable maximum, probably $200. No more $30 bonus on a $30 deposit. I don't want to spend the time signing up, depositing, cashing out, playing through, verifying my account, etc for 30 bucks. I don't want to deposit $30. I want to deposit $200. Don't make it more than $500... you're just asking to be bonus hunted, and it looks suspicious if it's larger. Wait until the 2nd deposit to offer the high rollers something, or at least say "contact us for higher deposits".

Playthough of 20x the bonus. Don't consider the size of the deposit, since that penalizes people who want to deposit more than the max needed for the bonus. That's just stupid... why penalize people who want to give you more action? And no more 50x playthough. If I don't like the site, I REALLY don't want to play for a week just to be able to cashout. I won't ever check the site again if I can never get my money out. Let the user see the ease of your cashout process while they still have something to cashout. That's how you get repeat business.

Don't limit the cashout. If I want to play slots, let me win the jackpot. I don't want to deposit $200, get bonused $200, and only be able to cashout $800 when I win the $100,000 jackpot. You're just encouraging people to play the lower house edge games (blackjack, baccarat, etc) that payout even money.

No limits on games. You offer 100 different games. Why not let me try them all? A good bonus offer wouldn't get hunted too badly anyways, so let me play what I want. There's a house edge on every game, so what's the problem? If I want to put $50 on red and $50 on black, it will hit 0 sometimes.

50% or 100% match. I don't want to do any math with 111%. Anything higher than 100% will be hunted, anything lower than 50% is usually not worth trying out.

Am I missing anything?
Ladbrokes had an old offer 500 dep, 250 post wager bonus. The player had to play BJ, Video Poker and slots (2500 at each I think). Also minumum bet size for the BJ and Video poker was over 10 a hand IIRC.

Forced player to do different games, big enough bet size to scare off a lot of the zero varience whores and also whores dont like the slots.

I thought that was great for me, exactly the sort of action level I like and a nice sized bonus at the end.

Also helped that I hit treble free spins at 18 a pop on Tally too ( lost the screenshot tho)
The best one I did was Golden Palace. 300% up to $300.

I think it served them well too because they advertise the heck out of it and it was no scam like some of the big % bonuses elsewhere. Hardly any game restrictions too, which probably avoided a lot of potential problems with newcomers who heard about the offer on the radio or in print. For a casino I think that is the way to go: you have to pay off the experienced bonus hunters but you get new customers who probably never played a casino online before.
Though I shy away from sticky bonuses in general, having it stay in your account (a la Grand Virtual) for further play after a withdrawal is a darn good idea IMHO.

The casino doesn't lose out on the bonus money and your recreational gamblers can keep playing. Of course, you may run into the tactic of withdrawing the deposit straight away before any wagering is done at all ... but I guess that's why there are WR.

Everything else sounds pretty decent, as well. :thumbsup:
I like bonus system at some Boss Media casinos, eg. and Pharaoh. They give you a bonus everytime you deposit, you can play any game you like, if you don't meet W/R they just take out the bonus by cashout. In addition you accumulate loaylty points that you can convert any time. I usually avoid bonuses and once I played at Pharaoh and automatically recieved bonus. In panic I called CS and they explained me, that I don't have to worry about W/R - by not fulfilling the bonus will be subtructed from cashout amount. I really like this system! :thumbsup:

Edit: I never read T/C at these casinos, because I hate it. So I just described my experience with bonus and cashout there. Never had a problem !
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Yeah how can you beat inter....

Inter casinos monthly bonus is the way to go. Make a deposit get a bonus and lose what a dollar at the most for the E-cash charge. That is the way to go. Best Bonus offer out there right now. :thumbsup:

Of course there are those wo can't stop and lose their deposit also :eek:
Tdoggy said:
Of course there are those wo can't stop and lose their deposit also :eek:

Me, for instance! :eek2: And even worse - deposit immediately again if I am in a 'gamble fever' .:eek: I do it regularly every month! Voluntarily! :D So I actually don't benefit from this bonus like other people...
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Intercasino bonus

Don't feel bad, me too! I play through it like it is water, that and also my comp points on the 25th and the gonegambling $105 high roller bonus. Then put a couple of hundred of my own it, also. Just can't get any real good hits to build up to anything. It wasn't unusual for me to get up to $4,000 or more but now I can't get past a couple of hundred! Hope my luck changes soon!

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