Your Input Please The ordeal of online gambling, Casumo.

This isn't computer generated crap in my case, but a manager personally asking for yet more stuff, but this time relating back to 3 years or more ago. The fact my account is now suspended suggests that they consider me suspicious and therefore until I bend over backwards yet again, they don't have (in their eyes) sufficient proof I could afford my deposits back then. So as it stands, 3 years ago they have taken money off a problem gambler who cannot show they could afford it. This is obviously bollocks, but that's the status of things right now. Maybe I should tell the UKGC lol....

That what i meant, just impressed myself badly. This feels exactly that person who is dealing with your verification (not probably same person who is contacting you, he/she can be just a messenger and therefore just asking exactly what has been told) is maybe not fully familiar what actually is enough and relevant to judge that you are legit person and there's no reason to suspect you use anything else but your own funds for gambling.

I see that biggest problem in some SOW issues here that some of these requests seen here are not reasonable and not really essential to clarify that player is no causing high AML risks. Something happened three years ago, i couldn't get my payslips and everything from that far to show where every single coin have come, then i think should also use that often spoken common sense and what's reasonable and what's actual risk. If you have spent 200 more than you "should be able" some years ago and everything else after that casino is happy, how big risk you are? When adding few 0000 in that number, it's totally different game but both at the moment threated exactly same in some places.
The reason for the Camera request is because of the selfie, not only the upload of the identification :)
Glad I ditched Casumo a while back, can't be bothered with all that silly nonsense..... And im even less likely to want to supply any major docs now as casinos can't guarantee against any data breaches.

Most casinos seem to manage to meet the requirements without half the stuff Casumo expect you to do?
Serious question what if you worked in the sex industry eg porn or stripping? Isn’t that classed as self employed

Same sort of thing as a "professional" poker player I guess as its not taxed in the UK so no need to declare any winnings from tournaments or cash games. Most places only track if its above 2k in one hit etc otherwise you just walk out with it without anyone giving a second look.
Reading some of these posts has me scared shitless from playing online again (I think!) lol They don't deserve our time and money if they're gonna stall paying or put you through hell when you get a win!

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