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Mar 29, 2002
I have to give this place a big :thumbsup:

I played there way back when they were a young Microgaming casino and always had a good experience there, both playing and customer service-wise. Then they changed to that aquaonline software, and I played that for a little while after they first switched. Mainly because it was new and they gave me a bonus to try it with. Not bad, made a few bucks, but the software didn't do much for me, so I didn't play there since.

Now they've switched over to RTG and they are still a great place to play! They had free money waiting in my account (using my old account # and password from the previous software) so I could try the new s/w. Then if I wanted to play my own money, they gave me a nice match bonus with reasonable wagering requirements that I could meet on any game except craps and baccarat (YES all forms of BJ were allowed). AND they had the meter in the cashier window so you knew how much more you needed to wager at any time. As soon as I met the requirements, it popped into the cashable amount window. When I did cashin, I had it in Neteller in 2 or 3 days with no b.s.

The games played fair in my opinion, played probably $7000 worth of various games there so far (VP, C21, 3card, reddog, let it ride, caribbean stud, and a little slots). Had good hands, bad hands, up and down and up again. Particularly on 3 card and C21. Everything played quite randomly, which is what I'd expect at a fair casino.

I even had one of those OHNO :eek: moments that I'm sure we've all had. Playing 3 card poker with $1 on ante & bonus and just hitting rebet and deal methodically, my mouse went too far to the right and I accidentally clicked on the $100 chip (which went on bonus) and clicked Deal before noticing I missed the rebet button. Of course I couldn't get dealt 3ok at that point, and got nothing and lost my $100 that I was up at that point :( I called customer support and explained the situation (knowing that its pretty much an all-bets-final situation).

They were very sympathetic and said they didn't think they could do anything, but would tell management about it. This was over the weekend, so I didn't expect any response before monday, and really didn't expect any refund, just a 'sorry, better luck next time'. Well I went back to the cashier to check on my withdrawl and found a $50 bonus had been deposited there for me. :D That was a very pleasant surprise for me I must say.

This is someplace I'll definately be visiting regularly and recommend it to anyone else looking for a good RTG casino.
Just for the record, it took them more than 10 days to pay me.
All my emails went unanswered. They never asked for any documents but I sent mine anyway. Who knows what will happen if I didn't send the documents.
Typical RTG casino IMO.

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