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A couple years ago I found when searching for a good casino to play at, like many of you I suppose. No bet CM, still. :) Been reading off and on over the years but didn't sign up. I've had no problems other than the Neteller U.S. stuff and who didn't if you were a U.S. player. Bryans site is up to date, monitored, has informed regular players posting, casino rep's, video updates, what more would you want? You can even win free beer if you're smarter than me, I'm lost on the satellite shots! LOL Yes we don't all agree and sometimes I stick my foot in my mouth and I'm sure like many others in the past and future to come but something brings me back here on a regular basis, must be the above.
I think everyone, although I'm sure you have in the past should take a time out from everything relating to this industry, life in general, good or bad and give CM a thumbs up for his site and his efforts. No agenda on my part, I'm not a suck up but a thank you thread will rock big time! :) Thanks CM keep up the good work, along with your site helpers, it is appreciated... :thumbsup:


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Be glad to. But I still need 3 more posts.
All I can muster this morning is
Thank you big guys. Thank you CM.
I am going to like it here. WRONG!
I do like it here.
The practical stuff is helpful.
A peak into the Psyche's of players and web masters alike is invaluable for my web development style I need to find.
And the social aspect will be nourishing I am sure.

And my web URL is (snip)

Anything I can do for you guys other than snip my own blunders let me know. Thanks for letting me stay. You are all very kind.


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What are ya smokin there Mac, I need some of that. I think I smell something burning. :what:


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It was a sublte way of flogging off his website to us.

Came in said hi and all but had another agenda on the go.


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I agree but must admit i was lost in some of that. :) Woodstock came to mind..