The Lucky Nugget - Terrible Rude Customer Service!


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Jan 10, 2005
I made a Deposit with THE LUCKY NUGGET and due to Technical Problems on their end.., my Deposit didn't show up. So then they wanted me to send them PROOF that I had indeed made the Deposit. I asked them wasn't their TRANSACTION CODE posted at the time of Deposit enough? Especially, being this was a system set up by their Casino, which you have an option of Printing when your Deposit is SUCCESSFUL, and I did thinking this would be enough PROOF for them to Credit my Account with my Deposit. Well, NO WAY! It seemed this method had no value whatsoever in their eyes. So finally, after become totally discussed I had my Credit Card Bank take the Deposit, which THE LUCKY NUGGET claimed they didn't receive back and figured that was that, and that I would never play again with them. Note.., this was after 52 Hours of trying to get my Deposit Credited to my Account.
So..., not one or two days later but four days later I see THE LUCKY NUGGET has taken the Deposit back off my card and Credited to my Account, without NOT one word to let me know! If I hadn't checked my Credit Card Statement I still would not know to this day! Needless to say after all the trouble and frustration it took trying to get this Deposit Credited to my Account, it made me want to WIN a bunch of Money from them.., just because! ha! But I lost it and have learned my lesson..., not to Gamble somewhere they hazzle you just because they don't like their jobs or they get thinking your Money is their Money! Who knows what makes them so RUDE!!! Anyway, I wouldn't want anyone who wanted to have a GOOD TIME GAMBLING to go through what I did with THE LUCKY NUGGET!! So.., thought the warning might come in handy...., and once again GOOD LUCK to all and HAPPY GAMBLING! :p
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