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Nov 24, 2003
My wife and I played at the Lucky Nugget Casino for a couple of months. Win a little lose a little. Last week I bought in for $3000.00us
Hit the aces for $2000.00 and several little hits.
Total Cashout was for $200.00 more than my buy in.
Got an email from their credit card processing company. Procyber services. Who said before they could process the winnings I needed to fax them a copy of our ID's, credit cards both front and back and sign 11 pages of purchases. This all happened on presidents day.
Went to kinkos and spent over $25.00 for the copies and the now 15 page fax.
They emailed me again and said we forgot to sign 3 of the charges so we had to refax.
Then they asked how we wanted the money sent. We notified them twice to wire into our account, provided them again with all of the information.
Now I get a email that says the check has been processed. I called to ask them what part of wireing the money sounded like send me a check.
The casino of course blamed it on Procyber Services.
Here is my complaint. When you buy in for $3000.00 useing a credit card, when you cash out, It is industry standardss to credit back the original amount of purchase to your credit cards.
They do not do this. They say it is Procyber's
decision not the casino.
Why do they ask how you want your winnings if they are going to do it anyway they want to?
other good casino's pay the player a fax fee,normally $50.00. I know this casino is one of this sites sponsors so we will see what happens
I need to clarify the above statement. I am not saying that The lucky nugett is a dishonest casino. I have gambled there for sometime with no problems other than they do not confirm your cashins. So when you cash out you do not know when or what card they made a refund.

They do not have to credit you credit card back up to the amount of purchase. You can put $2000.00 on your visa, cashout out $1000.00 and you might not get it back on your card.
You might wait about 10 days and get a check. Their policy says you can get a bank wire in a few days. However they failed to honor my two requests on that.
As far as the fairness of the games it is fine. It is just that you Need to know the cashout policy.

I did get my check 11 days after the cashout. They only said they were sorry about the whole problem. They never paid any kind of fax fee for making us fax.

So play there, but just be ready to go through a little problem when you go to cashout.
Hi Steve & others interested in internet casino!

I have played at for about 6 months now. I'm down overall, but had a good time: just like any casino. However, my latest buy-in using their Proc-Cyber service was done differently than in the past. In the past my charge card showed a normal purchase. The last 2 times I was charged additional fees for cash advance without warning from Luckynugget or Proc. Like Steve's experience Luckynugget referred me to Proc. Proc does not answer e-mail or phone for 3 days now! I will report back. No big deal like Steve says just inconsistent.

Lately, I enjoy's multi-player blackjack, not as sterile as luckynugget with their microgaming software. They charge $1.00 to cash out but tell you about it ahead of time! They credited my account same day; unlike Proc which took several days and strangely divided my cash-in into two parts. The checks I've received from Proc were timely but hand written, very unprofessional. They didn't bounce so I can't really complain. I will probably play at and in future. I was thinking of trying, anyone try them?

I sent them over $1000. by Western Union, lost every single hand with the first $800.

With the last $200. I won $1100. at which time the casino just locked my account. They refused to release my money and do not even answer my e-mails.
The company who is the processor is Proc Cyber Services.
They actually ripped me off for $1000. and when I won my money back refused to pay me by telling me my name was similar to a person they had on their database.
They wanted to see my Birhj certificate, copies of all my credit cards (even though I used western Union to send money) and have not answered me in over four weeks.
I am looking into filing a law suit against the whole damn company. They are really crooked.
Dont play with any company associated with Proc Cyber Services.
Dear Readers,

I received the following message from Oliver Grey, Fraud Control Manager for Proc Cyber Services, after contacting the Lucky Nugget Casino regarding the complaint by B. Adel. Please read on:

The email was regarding the service that Mr Bob Adel received from Proc Cyber Services. Proc Cyber Services is responsible for the Ecash Management and Fraud control of the casinos. In my capacity as Fraud Control Manager
of Proc
Cyber Services, I am more than happy to respond.

Proc Cyber Services has certain Fraud Control Measures in place to prevent
fraud both on and outside our systems. One of the measures we employ to make
transactions as secure as possible is to request certain information from
clients along with their payment options. This is a "ONCE OFF" requirement
to verify where we are sending the money AND to ensure that the instruction
to pay out has come from the same person that registered the account. This
is a standard (and necessary) procedure whenever money leaves our system.

As part of internal Fraud Control, we screen all new accounts to check their
integrity and to assign a risk to each client.

In the case of Mr B Adel, his name and details were DIRECTLY associated with
a group of people already blacklisted on our system, who were flagged and
whose accounts were subsequently closed. Our numerous attempts to contact
this "group" have proved fruitless. Collectively we have encountered 30
accounts registered using variations of this name or other names with more
than one address, email address..etc.

We had, however, received a response from Mr Adel and proceeded to request
the afore-mentioned documentation. Mr Adel refused to send this and offered
no explanation. Thereafter, I emailed him personally to request the
documentation and to clarify why it was necessary. To date, I have still
had no response from him.

Proc Cyber Services aims to create a safe environment on the internet for
people who want peace of mind when using their credit cards online. To this
end, the said procedures are not only desirable, but vital. If Mr Adel, and
other clients like him, would like to take this further in an attempt to get
their money, we would welcome it. It would certainly be an opportunity to
finally find out who he really is - he is not supplying that information

Proc Cyber Services' set procedures are sometimes thought to be
over-cautious, but once clients have sent the required documents, we are
very comfortable sending them the money owed to them (via their Personalised
Default payment methods), no questions asked! Once it has been explained why
such measures are in place, clients are more than happy to provide this
information, because - ultimately - it is their money that it protects.

This standard of Service is what keeps Proc Cyber Services one of the
leading Ecash processing companies in the industry!


Oliver Gray
Fraud Control Manager
Proc Cyber Services
Delivering the future today!
Why does the lucky nugget care who that guy is?
If he sent his money by western union? If they send him a check he will have to show ID to cash it.
Bryon: Why does procyber service really care who this guy is who is sending them money western union. Why would they blacklist someone from their casino.
Dear Steve,

As they mentioned, sometimes they (Procyber) are overcautious when receiving or cashing out funds. As for blacklisting someone from using their casino, perhaps they feel that some patrons have broken certain procedures or rules of the casino. I'm not saying that this is true for the case of Mr. B Adel, but perhaps there is more to this case than what has been posted here.

Bryan, There really has to be more to this than what has been posted. I too have had my problems in the past with procyber services, I must say that after I faxed them everything that they wanted I got my money and have never been hasseled by them again.
I think that if someone does a western union wire, and the winnings are not going to be reported anyway. Why would they not pay a person.
I think you have answered my question concerning the above post. Thanks
I am having trouble getting my money from the Lucky Nugget Casino. We have won $3,000.00 and asked them to send us a check by courier which they said would be there in 5 days. They e-mailed us to confirm our cash-in requests, but the e-mail they sent me about the actual payment cannot be downloaded so I have no idea what it says to do. My attempts to call Pro Cyber Services at their 1-888-326-2602 listed number keep telling me that my call cannot go through. They also do not answer my e-mails. I have not had any requests to send them any information, but like I said, I cannot read my e-mail from them. Any suggestions on how to get my money or another way to contact a real person?
You should try to call Lucky Nugget support at 1-888-677-8180. They are listed as Licensed but not yet reviewed by the Internet Gaming Commission ( ).

Good luck.
Good luck with procyber! The lucky nugget is ok, but you should always avoid all casino's that use Procyber. They are just not right!
Hi Lori,

I've just got back from being away for a few days (that's why the newsletter was late) and saw your message. I'm forwarding a copy to my contacts at Lucky Nugget to see if they can sort this out.

Hi Steve, welcome back!

Send them a message for me Bryan. Ask them why I have been kicked out of their casino. When they tell you procyber did it tell them I said they are full of [color=ff0000]••••[/color].
Bryan, if you want a good laugh about procyber go to my site and look under the

debbie, now vincent and now the famous Mr. Baard with procyber services.

You will understand Why I am so pissed at them
Well, I sure wish I had found this discussion prior to playing at the Lucky Nugget. I have been waiting since April 25 and April 28 for two ACH transfers, totaling $3050. Fortunately, they did credit my cards back rather promptly, but I am really starting to wonder if I will EVER see the money I won. Proc Cyber claimed that the ACH had been sent on May 7th, that it should reflect in my account TODAY - well, today I checked (as I have been doing every day!) and... nothing. Called Proc Cyber, who now say that there was apparently some problem with all ACH transfers processed on May 7th, and they hope to have the situation fixed by Monday, May 22.

I am so frustrated with this whole thing, and now it looks like I will have to cancel a vacation I had planned at the end of this month, because I spent THAT money on other stuff, thinking that there would be no problems. Silly me.

Everyone to whom I have spoken at Proc Cyber and Lucky Nugget has been extremely friendly, but it would be nice if I could get my winnings!
I have been calling them almost daily ever since I first cashed in. At least they offer a toll-free number. They are NOT good about responding to e-mails, though.
I made a withdrawal on April 22nd. I got call from them about 3 hours ago saying a have to go to their web site to request the withdrawl. I am totally confused as to why I had to do this after requesting the with. on the casino site. And why did it take over three weeks for them to contact me.
The best person to deal with at the lucky nugget would be macey. I believe that email is

Try getting ahold of her and tell her that I said she was the one to talk with.

When you ask where is my money? What do they say?
Well, Proc-Cyber finally came through - after about three weeks, I have received my cash-in!

I guess the Laughlin/Vegas trip is still on, after all.


Dear Lucky Nugget,

On June 20, 2000, I made a cash-in refund of $1000. However, my latest credit card statement revealed that the refunded amount did not show up. Could you please check my transaction, and get back to me? Thanks very much.

Kind regards,
Ms C.B. Hock

Hi there,

Thank you for your email.

After viewing your casino account records, I have seen that your $1000
cashin has not yet been processed. Therefore, I would advise you to contact
our Ecash company, Proc Cyber Services, for further information regarding
the processing of this cashin. They can be contacted via email at

Should you have any further queries, please let us know. We are available 24
hours a day, 7 days a week.

Kind Regards,
Customer Service Representative

Dear Marc (of Lucky Nugget),

Could you please help me and get in touch with Proc Cyber to solve the
problem of the non cash-in for me? I really would appreciate it. Thanks.

Kind regards,
Ms C.B. Hock

Hi there,

Thank you for your email.

Unfortunately, only you can submit a payment option to Proc Cyber Services
in order to have them process your request. I can assure you that they will
be more than willing to help you with this payment. If you simply email them
at they will be able to explain the procedure to you.

Should you have any further queries, please let us know. We are available 24
hours a day, 7 days a week.

Kind Regards,
Customer Service Representative

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