The latest version of starburst


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Mar 29, 2010
A lot of casinos are using a newer version of starburst, the main diffrence on the face of it being that you now have to play ten lines,,in the older version you had the option to choose the amount of lines you wished to play. Thats not my main gripe however, I am just wondering if any other players have noticed that the payouts on the new version are much lower ?

the starburst wilds dont drop nearly as often as they did on the old version......and even when they do, more often then not yu get a nada or small win

is this all in my head cause it most definitely feels my wallet is a lot lighter since the "new " version arrived. its actually quite predictable now and it was the unpredictability of the old version that was such an attraction for me

what you guys think ?


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Aug 29, 2012
We've all had these fears about all their HTML5 upgrades, and they don't seem to play quite the same anymore.

Starburst is no different. The old version was great for clearing balances and getting the occasional balance booster. From those few instances I have played the new one those stars were conspicuous by their absence.

Which is fine because now I really have no reason to play it anymore. Kind of relieved to be honest :cool: