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Nov 20, 2006
the Wild West
Get a load of this....

Apparently that crack customer service team over at Crooked,,er,, Crystal Palace decided to reply to some longstanding emails of mine.

This of course, has been the tack they've been taking since day one of my dispute (for those of you unfamiliar with my issue, please refer to the Casinomeister "awards" section, for the WORST PLAYER EXPERIENCE OF 2006....)
Dear Customer,

Thank you for contacting the Casino Support Team.

Unfortunately due to a breach of the terms and conditions your winnings have been void and will not be paid out. The reason for the breach was due to yourself threatening to make chargebacks which is a direct breach of the terms and conditions.

We apologize for what has happened however in future we stress that you follow the terms and conditions.

Please feel free to contact our 24/7 Support Team if you have any additional questions.


Casino Support Agent
US Toll Free Phone: 1800 824 3175
US Toll Free Fax: 888 509 0575
UK Toll Free Phone: 0800 051 3896

In the future, I'd like to stress that many international legal experts will be having a field day with the Crystal Palace rogues...That is of course, if they stay in business much longer;)
This is unbelievable!!! I'm sorry you almost have to laugh...I suppose my email will be coming any day from December 2006?? This is a complete joke. Crystal Palace Group is more screwed up than I thought.. The email should read we've deposited the $26,000 we stole from last year and sorry it took so long for us after hastings and everyone else said we should pay you... what a bunch of bull.....
Thanks Patti for chiming in with your support.

You're right - it is almost laughable at this point....

It's one thing to be a crook and a scoundrel (which these guys obviously are..) It's quite another though, to have the ARROGANCE to make it seem as though your "business" is some sort of legitimate enterprise that is just following the "rules"!!

RTG, Crystal Palace, Montana, Hastings, Kahniwake,,,,the whole bloody lot of them ,,,,,,are criminals - pure and simple.

I still maintain, they will ALL get their "come uppance" just may take more time than I thought......
They take your deposits time and time again but if you happen to win they lock your account, find any excuse not to pay up, hang up on you when you call... but they keep on sending that damn mail to your home address giving you bonuses???? Do they have a clue what's going on?

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