The Hours I've Put in So far...


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Hi all,

Probably not the right spot for this post but no where else to stick it.

Was just going over some hours in my head. First entered the gaming industry in 2000. On average I work 100 hours a week.

For interest did some sums:

100 hours a week X 50 weeks (take about 2 weeks a year break)

5,000 hours. Multiply that by 8 years (took 12 months break in 2005).

Total 40,000 hours worked in 8 years.

Average person work 38 hours a week in Australia and has 4 weeks leave per year. Plus receives 3 month long service leave at 15 years.

38 hours X 48 weeks = 1,824 hours a year worked.

times that by 8 years = 14,592 hours (worked in 8 years)


Now here is the shocker :eek:

For an average Australian employee that works a standard 38 hours a week, it would take this person 21.929 years to work a total of 40,000 hours. Which I've worked in 8 years.

No wonder I feel totally burnt out :D