The highs and lows in one week


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Aug 25, 2013
roscommon ireland
From last Saturday until Tuesday i had a decent run playing my usual games and i ended up with a profit of around 2200 euro.
From Wednesday until today i am very ashamed to admit i have given back the casino around 1700 euro back.
What a great High to an Almighty Low.
Yes i am still ahead for the week but i am so so disappointed with myself.
I continued playing my usual games and did not increase my stake but did not hit anything.
Rhino 40c DOA 45c Bonanaza 60c DHV 60c Playboy 30c Finer Reels 30c bets. Pretty much all of course are risk/reward but they all been playing the risk side since wednesday.
It's not the first time i have given back winnings and i am sure it wont be the last but it's the first time i can say hand on my heart i am disgusted that i let this happen.If this can help any player who might like me hit a purple patch think twice about giving back so quick then great.
Time for a wee break i think well at least a week of anyway.


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May 23, 2015
Sometimes it can be harder to handle the wins than the losses - you think that you are going to hit every time and forget that in most sessions you are going to have a losing session. Did the same myself a few weeks back, went from £3K up to more or less level in the space of 10 days, but it felt much worse than a straight loss. And took a break for a week as I knew I would probably start to chase my lost winnings.....

The one thing we all have to learn/stick to is hit the withdraw button when we get the chance, and sit back and enjoy our winnings when we get them.


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Jan 30, 2017
I would reckon more people than you imagine have done exactly the same as you - some people learn from their mistakes, others don't, next time just remember how you felt when you ploughed most of it back in and it might just be enough of a deterrent to stop you doing the same again.

Good luck going forward :)


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May 25, 2017
Hope I have a winning streak

I cant wait to win some serious money. I would like to think I would hit the withdraw button but I imagine the thrill of possibly winning more is very hard to ignore. :D


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Aug 29, 2012
Yep, I've had a very similar thing happen to me, I've mentioned it at least five times on CM :oops:

But in a nutshell, I've laboured to £1600 off a £5 chip and dickheadedly wittled it back down to £200. My reasons are slightly different in that I genuinely thought they weren't going to pay any of it anyway.

Well they paid the £200.

Wadda mistaka to maka :mad:


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Jul 10, 2014
Did it last night, £300 to £900+ after finally getting an ok win on Danger High Voltage, set a target of £700 cashout and played a few more, then had only my 2nd go on Bonanza (should have learnt my lesson with DHV!) and paid 100s at .60p to get a 3x feature, on tilt cashed back out at £300!

Take your winnings folks! but then we wouldn't see the stories of people who keep on going and run up to 20,000+ from a few 100, a thin line lol.