The Greedy US Government -Warning RANT!-


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Mar 25, 2006
K, can I just say this: The monies used for gambling in 99% of the cases should be classed as 'entertainment' spending money. MOST people gamble only with the money they are willing to lose, the money they would have spent at the corner blockbuster, or out to dinner etc etc. Therefore the monies have ALREADY been taxed. So here comes the big US GOV, says that wait we can't DOUBLETAX this anymore. Hello! You've already taxed your citizens to the hilt. It should be up to the individual how they spend the meagar sums that are left over. NOT the government. And BECAUSE the government isn't SMART enough or FAST enough in the areas of technology they have decided that YOU the tax paying law abiding citizens of thier country are not ALLOWED to spend your hard earned left overs on NON-TAXABLE entertainment. Sure, go to the BB, out for dinner etc. The Government has figured out a way to tax that. Sure fill your SUV with $50 gallons of over priced Gasoline. The Government has figured out how to tax that. SURE go out and get loaded on a 6-pack of Lucky. The Government has figured out how to tax that....
This all boils down to ladies and gentleman the fact that the Government just can't tax online gaming so it chooses to ABOLISH it in response.
After all, your good boy BUSH has a war to fund...

And I will leave it at that.
Prouder than ever to be Canadian....
Yeah a bit ranty and upset to see Intercasino's players online go from almost 200 to barely 50 right after the new bonus month.
Much can be said about other casino's, they just don't publish thier attendance.

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