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Jul 23, 2004
Just signed up used Casinomeisterf orum as my home messageboard. Not sure why we need to do this.

It is a contest that started Nov 10th. Just leanred about it today.

Goal is to start with $50 and grow that into a $2000 bankroll.

Sign up here

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Then you can follow link there to the rules on another messageboard.

Edit. Forgot to add. If you bust out playing by the rules they refund your $50. If you earn 300 bonus points you get $50.

So is no risk!
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Finally got down and started playing TGC last night while Ho Ho Ho was spinning away.

Made it to the $100 goal! Think I made a big jump in the ranking hopefully enough for the $50 bonus.

I think I am only one representing Casinomeister hehe.

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