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Apr 19, 2003
I'm fairly new to this online casino game and play mainly blackjack. Had good wins, had losses. Doubted the so called random fall of cards at times but accepted that you can be unlucky.
Playing at The Gaming Club I felt that here was a place of high reputation (not many downers in your contacts). And I don't want this to seem like a bad loser but I have never experienced a fall of card like those on Gaming Club blackjack.
Four consecutive twelves to a dealers ten or ace---and each time the hit produced---yes a ten card to bust. Random? Miraculous, more like. Add to that the very few times the dealer bust on 5's or 6's---a so-called weak show. And these are only two examples of calls-----I could go into the magical way dealer hit twenty one whenever my cards showed a twenty.
So, was I just unlucky? Or have others found cause to doubt so called random cards
All Microgaming blackjack is like this, it doesn't matter which casino you play at, they all employ the same 'invincible' dealer. I've had the exact same experience as yours virtually every time I tried it. Personally, I don't think its dealing a fair game so I won't play it anymore.
You could be right,jpm. When i review my results, the better outcomes have been at playtech sites and a few Boss.
It's like that everywhere, I played at USA casino with playtech and the dealer gets a 10 value card showing 80% of the time. And it seems that the higher your wager is, the lesser probability of winning. The funny thing is that I can't stop winning in practice mode.

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You'll have your ups, and you'll have your downs.
I have played at 10 Microgaming sites and won
more than the despoit + bonus at 6 of them.
The other 4, I have taken a small hit on the bonus.
In short, when playing new player bonuses, I haven't lost at a MicroGaming site yet.
The worst invincible dealer I have ever had was at Netgaming. Mad Bonus also had a very very low win rate, they both use Elka s/w which is known to be iffy.
My results show that at a microgaming site you should expect to win about 40% of the hands, if you play enough hands.

Have also had quite good results at WillHill who use Crypto.

Funnily enough I have had fairly bad luck with Playtech, but as I haven't played many of those sites I don't feel I've done enough to offer an unbiased statistical opinion.

Which bj version were you playing at the MG sites? The progressive, single hand or multiple hand? If multiple hand, how many hands at a time?

Even still, 40% is a very low rate for bj I think. Does that include pushes?
I always play single hand with the fewest decks where possible.
I'm lead to believe that this configuration offers the lowest house edge.
Yes the 40% figure includes pushes, the best I've ever had is 44% win & pushes at Golden Tiger where I won nearly $1000
40% of the hands is about right, with doubling and 3-2 BJ payments the odds come very close to 50/50 which you would expect
Anything over around 40% and you will be up on your deposit + bonus.
I don't claim to be an expert but I do analyse every game I play to try to maximise profits, seems to be working so far :)
from what I have read here there are very very few instances of good experiences with MG blackjack.
Wow gambler, wtg on that Golden Tiger win. The only time I've ever come out even with MG blackjack is when I don't play it! ;) Nevermind ever coming out on top. You must be tipping the dealer better than I do!

Do you play standard multideck strategy or a modification of it (because of the dealer only taking 1 card on the deal)?
I use the strategy cards at
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I found this site just by doing a search on google.
This site gives you specific cards for specific casino rules.
I'm not bragging, but using these cards I have made over $4000 in one month.
When I started I recorded my bank, amount bet, and total amount bet after every hand using Excel
When I graphed the bank at the end of a game, I noticed certain trends. Usually the bank goes up and down as you would expect, I added a 5 point moving average line to the graph and thought to myself, if I bet more on the uptrends and less on the downtrends I will maximise my profit.
This "system" for want of a better word has been very succesful. It won't overcome a long streak of bad luck, but if you get a reasonable streak of good luck the results are very impressive (Golden Tiger eg) Looking at the graphs now, the uptrends are much steeper than the down trends.
It's not foolproof, I still lose the odd game but hey I'm well in front.
I played my first game of online BJ on the 28th April, I'm not a seasoned gambler, but my statistical maths is fairly good.
I posted my experiences because I was genuinely surprised that people have bad experiences with MG, they are my fave by a long way. As I said before, I haven't lost a penny playing MG powered sites. Maybe I have just been lucky, but 10 out of 10 odds I like :)

(lucky) Gambler.
Very interesting, thanks. I'm checking out the cards now and I may give MG another try using these strategy cards religiously with maybe a touch of your system thrown in as well. Thanks for the detailed explanation.
yes why is that every time u hit a 12 u almost always get a 10. For not being rigged that is awful funny.

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