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D. Andrew

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Jan 11, 2005
Henderson, NV
The Gaming Club and Bellrock Gaming

On 6/12 I open the Gaming Club software and find a bonus offer on the main page. The bonus is buy 70 get 50 free. The excluded games are something along the lines of Craps, Roulette, Baccarat, Blackjack... and then they list Jacks or Better Video Poker along with its many variants (4play, 10play, etc.). I deposit, claim the bonus, receive the bonus, and then play past the wagering requirements on Aces & Faces Video Poker. When I am through, I have a $29 remaining and make a withdraw for the balance.

On 6/14 I receive an email that my withdraw has been denied and the amount has been sent back to my account. I check my Neteller account and my Gaming Club account, and neither has the $29. I contact Customer Support thru the instant chat feature of the site. For those who have not used this feature, there is a long delay between communications. Getting anything done takes time. I explain what has happened and am told that it takes 24hrs to get the amount sent back to your account. I ask why it was reversed and am told that I did not meet the wagering requirements as video poker was not permitted. I tell customer service that while Jacks or Better was not permitted, the video poker I played was not excluded from meeting wagering requirements. I hold while it is checked, and when they come back they tell me my withdraw is still a work in progress. There is no mention of the entire conversation we have had for the last 45 minutes. I have no idea what that means, but I tell them I will wait to see what happens with the funds.

On 6/15 the $29 is returned to my account at the Gaming Club. I then proceed to contact Customer Service again thru instant chat. After about 10 minutes my internet connection dies, so I decided to call. On my first phone attempt, I get disconnected. On my second attempt, I talk to the operator for some time. Finally I am told about the no Video Poker. I tell him that while Jacks or Better and its variants are not allowed, other form are permitted. He has me hold, and when he comes back, I am told that I am correct, and that the withdraw was reversed because I had not seleted a preferred payment method. I then have him select the preferred payement method for me, and then I put in for a withdraw of the balance at his request. This all happens while I remain on the telephone with customer service and I am assured that everything will go smoothly.

On 6/17 I receive an email that my withdraw has been denied and the amount has been sent to back to my account.

At this point I have spent a considerable amount of time conversing with them trying to work this out. I have sent numerous emails, none of which have they even sent a response back. The end result... I and am no further along then when I started. I have had enough, $29 is just not worth it.

To The Gaming Club, keep it, its yours. I just hope others think twice about playing at your site.
Hi D. Andrew,

The poor service that we are experiencing at the moment is a top priority issue, and we are doing all we can to address it ASAP. That said I can only apologize once again as I am aware that this is very frustrating for you as a customer of ours. Please PM your account details to me so that I can have this resolved immediately.
Best regards,

Belle Rock
I hear that you experience problems for quite some time now.In case they are not technical shouldnt they be already resolved to some extent by now? It doesn't take a lot to fire certain people and replace them with individuals who want to work.
i am glad they have free fone number in uk :)

that way the CS is very quick and informative
never had problem with it. very quick on fone regards flushing and questions

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