The Gaming Club - Bad Business Ethics


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Mar 21, 2005
So.... I've just started playing at gaming club this past week, And i spent well over $4k in less than 3 days with this casino.. I made all of my deposits with my "Visa Card", Never had any issues at all, Except for losing all of my money and never hitting squat and i mean nothing lol... This has to be the tightest online casino I've ever played at, I got fed up and stopped depositing here for about 2 weeks, Then i get the following e-mail. :confused:


from Belle Rock Entertainment <>
reply-to Belle Rock Entertainment <>
date Thu, Jul 12, 2008 at 2:55 AM
subject Improved card processing for you, J

Dear ****,

Your account number is: tjc*******

We noticed that you had trouble making a deposit with your Visa /
MasterCard. The good news is that we now have additional processing
capabilities and would like you to try using your card again.

The even better news is that once you have made a deposit, you will be
able to play in our Free Multi-player slots tournaments. There are
weekly tournaments which have payouts of up to $20,000 which means
that we have over $120,000 of free tournaments every month which pays
out real cash.

Kindly note that your bank might be rejecting the transaction as it is
gaming related. Should it be rejected again, then we suggest the use
of Prepaid Cards such as

Please contact our 24/7 customer support should you have any

Warm wishes,

The Promotions Team
Belle Rock Entertainment


What is this all about? Like i said.. I never had a problem depositing to my account... It gets better, Two days later they send me the same exact e-mail. In my opinion this is just wrong. :mad:

Looks like I'll be writing them an e-mail to remove my account.


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Jun 3, 2006
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Did you start a withdrawal then cancel it?

It looks to me like there may have been some action taken in your account that triggered these emails.

If you don't want to play there anymore, just close your account and make sure you tell them not to send you advertising emails, They are usually very good about those kinds of things.

Lucky Nugget Casino (in the same group) is a little better to play at, for most games, than Gaming Club, in my opinion.

Also... I know for a fact that RiverBelle Casino (again in the same group) just had a few very very big winners...


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Oct 14, 2004
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The problem is ethics, or lack of them.

The player joined, and then lost 4K in three days, and then stopped. If anything, an Email should have invited the player to consider whether their gambling was affordable at this level, and someone with half a brain should have considered the two week gap was most likely to do with the card being completely maxed out by those 4K worth of deposits, or that the bank placed a lock on the card due to it believing the player was out of his/her depth.

Seems the casino was only interested in getting even more than 4K out of this player, and was suggesting ways to get around depositing restrictions.

This hardly promotes responsible gambling, and as a new player, the casino has no basis with which to conclude whether 4K was "normal" for this player.


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Oct 9, 2007
And, good ethhics would of been to drop a fair free bonus to the player for 4K loss in three days. Not an invite to an allaccess card. Better luck next time.