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Sep 14, 2001
Not really a complaint, more a warning to avoid as far as my experience goes.
This is a site who pay you to review online casinos, but I did not get my money. There is a page listing participating casinos and when you choose and play, you get a fee. trouble is the listing is always out of date and I was told a review did not count as the casino was no longer part of the promotion. Has anyone a good word to say about ?
I did get some e-mails of apology, of sorts from Mr Andrew Riverro but these were dismissive and not helpful. Proceed with caution if this is the type of thing you are into.
Hmmm, I'm not sure if it a scam, but it's a damn sure way to make a lot of money (for the webmaster, not the "reviewer").

But I don't think it's working.
<hr size=0>quote:<p>
You will earn $10, $15, $20 or $25 depending on the level of your membership for each review not to mention the bonuses that you get in addition to this. (ie. After your first six reviews, you get a $20 bonus, after 75 reviews you get a $250 bonus, all of which is in addition to your earnings of course).

Basic Reviewer:
- $10 per approved review. After the first six reviews a bonus of $20 is paid for a total of $80.

Advanced Reviewer:
- $15 per review. When you get to 25 reviews, you get a bonus of $75 for a total of $450.

Experienced Reviewer:
- $20 per review. After you have reviewed a total of 75 casinos, you get a bonus of $250.<hr size=0>​

Well if the webmaster is making $80-$200 per player in a CPA deal, he could be raking in the dough and able to provide the player with enough incentives to continue. But I really don't think the site is getting that much traffic. And I could only find five reviews.

Do you know of any other players who were not paid?

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