The G2E 2015 coverage by The Shamus

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Oct 28, 2010
Ontario, Canada
Hi Caisnomeisters:

I arrived home (to Canada) from the G2E 2015 conference in Las Vegas last weekend. The G2E is North America's largest gaming convention of the year. All of the major casino manufacturers have their new games on display. Armed with my trusty camera, I set out to capture video and photos from some of the new machine for your previewing pleasure!

Here are some previews from Aristocrat Leisure:

Dumb and Dumber:

I hope you like the previews. If you are interested, I will upload more!

/\/\/\/\ the Shamus /\/\/\/\
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The (new) Walking Dead - from G2E 2015

This is the new Walking Dead machine. It is notable because (SDGUY1234) is one of the Zombies in this game ...

The Walking Dead (new):
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