The "Forget-Me-Nots" & Who Do You Miss The Most?

Who do you miss the most?

  • "slotchik"

    Votes: 15 25.9%
  • "jpm"

    Votes: 12 20.7%
  • "sw2003"

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • "jyde"

    Votes: 8 13.8%
  • "Gramma"

    Votes: 4 6.9%
  • "clayman"

    Votes: 2 3.4%
  • "Bruce Hamilton"

    Votes: 6 10.3%
  • "bethug"

    Votes: 8 13.8%
  • "ezc3m"

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • "lasvegashitbomb"

    Votes: 3 5.2%

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Apr 24, 2005

Hello fellow forum members! :)

Well, it's been exactly a year since "slotchik's" last post, and in memory of one of "'s" greatest handles, I though it was high-time to compile a list of those who've not been completely forgotten.

With this list, I've also wanted to include a vote to whom we miss the most (above).

Without further ado, here's a list of...

"My Top-10 "Forget-Me-Nots"


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Posts - 541
Last posted - January 7th, 2006

Highlights: The squabbles! :D The degrading posts! :cool: Being a part of the equivalent of "BLUR vs. OASIS" when she went back-'n-forth with the King of Kings "KasinoKing"!

Note: I would think that she has got to be one of the most sorely missed members at this forum. I would have to think that she has got to be one of the most famous "All-Time" members in "" lore, if not at most forums. Controversial, yet ALWAYS entertaining. :notworthy


Posts - 2,083
Last posted - October 28th, 2004

Note: I would have to think that "jpm" would have to rank as the most significant member, who no longer posts here. Lots to read up on when researching one of the most respected members in the history of this site.


Posts - 644
Last posted - December 29th, 2004

Note: When I had first registered as a member at this site (actually months even before that), I can recall seeing this handle probably the most.

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Posts - 1,298
Last posted - September 25th, 2005
Last visited - January 2nd, 2007

Note: Still visits (even this very year), but hasn't posted in ages. Gotta love the "Hole" avatar with Mrs. Cobain.


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Posts - 49
Last posted - January 31st, 2006

Note: Okay, so she only posted 49 times, but it's what had gone into those posts that counted the most. I'd have to think that she has a few of the "Top-10" greatest single hits posted in the "Winner Screenshots" thread. It's been a year, she's overdue... come to think of it, we're ALL overdue...


Posts - 403
Last posted - February 18th, 2005

Final post...

"And as unlucky as your BJ was, it shows the value of playing with a 50 unit bankroll and resisting the temptation to increase your bet after 3-4 losses.
After all, it was only one of those 1 in 64 bad sessions, not even as bad as GM's was good. So, as others said, a bit of bad luck. Amazing how bad it feels, though. You played it well KK!

Wish some US casinos would have fun promos like this."

"Bruce Hamilton"

Posts - 500
Last posted - October 25th, 2005

Note: The infamous "Bruce Hamilton", "Man Of Mystery". A superstar-in-the-making, gone... vanished... poof!

A year ago, I (we) wanted to know what had happened to "B-Ham" ( I still want to know! :what:

Side Note: The photo of Bruce is gone... Damn it!


Posts - 818
Last posted - 19th January, 2005

Note: Winner of the "Most Annoying Member of 2005" award. I loved this thread in particular... Classic read! Surely one of the most famous online gaming forum handles around.


Posts - 208
Last posted - August 2nd, 2005

Note: Can anyone make sense of this...

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Posts - 583
Last posted - July 4th, 2000

Note: Strange, but it states that his first post was on November 25th, 2003, and his last post was on November 25th, 2003. Yet, it also states (another area) that his first post was back in 2000. It's not really important, just thought it to be a bit strange...

In one of his final posts (talking to the "Casinomeister", he stated this...

Glad you could understand me and I enjoyed the interview which will be going on air shortly, thanks for your straight and honest answers it will make a good show, don't forget I am still looking to interview anybody who gambles online or who owns an online casino/sportsbook etc I am especially interested in any Starnet casino owners who would like an interview on air to discuss your casino/sportsbook"

What happened to him? His last post was July 4th, 2000!

Up for consideration...


Posts - 689
Last posted - June, 2005


Posts - 333
Last posted - May, 2005


Posts - 116
Last posted - January, 2002


Posts - 343
Last posted - April, 2004


Posts - 103
Last posted - January, 2005


Posts - 232
Last posted - September, 2005


Posts - 374
Last posted - November, 2005


Posts - 105
Last posted - May, 2005


Posts - 105
Last posted - November, 2004


Posts - 185
Last posted - July, 2005


Posts - 231
Last posted - August, 2004


Posts - 350
Last posted - November, 2003


Posts - 215
Last posted - October, 2003


Posts - 438
Last posted - August, 2005


Posts - 145
Last posted - February, 2005

And I've also compiled a list of those famous handles who've still posted within a span of a year, but have not been around for an extended period ot time...


Last posted - August, 2006

"Johnny Casino"​

Last posted - January, 2006


Last posted - May, 2006


Last posted - August, 2006


Last posted - May, 2006


Last posted - March, 2006


Last posted - January, 2006


Last posted - August, 2006


Last posted - August, 2006


Last posted - August, 2006


Thank you for taking the time to go through this post. If there's ever a rainy day with nothing to do, I recommend going back to research some of the older posts/threads with some of those mentioned above. Always (well... once) a great read! :)


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Great idea!

i m quite new to the forum, so there are names, i hardly remember or dont know at all.
but my favorite is --- no doubt, an unfair chickenrun:thumbsup: .
i guess i arrived after all of those posters, but how could I not vote for "lasvegashitbomb"?

other possible additions:

1. Gary

2. Hoffman

3. the guy that started the whole English Harbor doubling game brewhaha (oops...i just checked and that was "thelawnet" and apparently he's still active)

4. casinomeister: once a regular poster.......very knowledgeable (on beer, Seinfeld and blowing shit up) though sometimes he acted like he owned the place
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Another Steed masterpiece - good one, John!

I definitely rate JPM as the most serious loss here....and by a long chalk - his gambling knowledge, maturity and balanced views were absolutely invaluable and he is sorely missed.

Clayman was also a great asset, again a well-balanced poster who's gambling know-how and interesting posts were always great reading.

Jyde aka Tortex was pretty busy raising a young family in Denmark and handling his challenging professional duties, and I hope when he has more time to himself we will again have the benefit of his useful contributions here.

Glodge is still here - just using a different handle.

Petunia was another entertaining poster - a young mother with her hands full with a webbie business, but she had the right ethical approach and made generally sensible and useful posts.

Another totally sound poster I miss is ukcroupier, an experienced gambler and webmaster with very strong principles, balance and integrity.

On the negative side, I would describe the Internet antics and posts of Bethug as in-famous rather than positive here, and his input questionable. Perhaps that's enough said as a subjective opinion.

Dave-R was a potentially outstanding poster with a wealth of gambling knowledge but for his Microgaming paranoia and continual but unrealised threats to *out* that company.

LV Hitmob was certainly entertaining in an "off-the-wall" sense but his business actions triggered the implode of OPA2, and that didn't earn him too much respect.

Steve Adkins was a criminal who preyed on the disadvantaged, although it was a while before that became apparent. He abused the trust of both colleagues in OPA1 and players before running away from the law like the thief he was. Hopefully he still languishes in a jail somewhere.

M249A was a likeable enough ex-serviceman, if a little tetchy whilst he was here who went off with Bethug to found a players association and eventually ended up being accused of some pretty nasty, fraudulent things.

Much appreciated information "Jetset"! :) I was always curious about this list of people who once posted here (and the one who still does... hmmm :what: ). As we can already see, "jpm" is still considered a "great" here. It's comforting to know that we can get a glimpse into who these people are/were.

Again, big thanks. :thumbsup:


Another JS classic! :notworthy

I remember most, but not all of the names on your list.
The ones I personally miss the most are JPM, sw2003 & Gramma.
I also liked Bruce Hamilton's great sense of humor!

The ones I miss the least, are not surprisingly SlotChick (unbelievably blond), and BeThug (just annoying).
BTW, I always read his name as Be-Thug, does anyone read it as Bet-Hug?

I am surprised 'Caruso' didn't get a mention, if not for anything else, for being the most often suspended member here I would imagine... :p

That's my vote.

That's who I would have voted for as well Dom, if the option were there.....*nudge, nudge* *wink, wink* :D

And sorry, but I gotta say that one of the reasons I come here is precisely because Bethug (aka DD, aka..whatever).....CAN'T!! :rolleyes:

The ones I miss the least, are not surprisingly SlotChick (unbelievably blond), and BeThug (just annoying).


Edited to add: I really do miss Managra, she disappeared too fast. I thought she was gonna be one of the forum's most prolific posters. And I always read what she was intelligent and well thought out.

That's my vote.

Ah, The Original Mary! I would have to agree with you on her even over JPM, but she was not on John's list.

Going back to the earliest days in the industry Mary was a committed, tough and thorough researcher and fighter for what was right on the first OPA, regardless of which side of the fence you were on.

Subsequently she continued to shield players with painstaking and often prolonged research which exposed bad practice and duff operators.

Anyone who worked with her on issues, or simply read her erudite posts with a clear eye, had to respect her knowledge and integrity, although she was on occasion viciously attacked by those she made nervous.

For professional reasons she withdrew from active posting, leaving a massive gap.

PS: I would agree with Pinababy here on Managra - I, too believe she had truly good potential as a regular poster with smart and at times prescient views. I always read her posts as worthwhile contributions.

Thanks for the feedback! :)

Not including "mary" was not an oversight, because she posted this past October (17th).

If I include her, then I probably have to include:

- "chucho"/October 6th, 2006

- "jonevegas"/September 3rd, 2006

- "largeeyes"/October, 2006

- "Let_It_Ride"/October 10th, 2006

- "mattysgirl"/October 21st, 2006


- "nafanny29"/October 13th, 2006

There's no question that "mary" is HUGE here, and she's on the highest level that few (if any) can match, but at what point should I cut off from those who're "missed"? I have no idea if any of these members will post here again, but being a betting man (ahem), I would have to think they'll be back at some point in time.

I made the cut-off point August, and for my "Top-10", it had to be from members who've gone over a year without posting. :)


Why does everyone leave him out! :eek2:
Nice post johnsteed!
I wonder why everyone left????
I know I Sure cant resist the Meister! :D
Why does everyone leave him out! :eek2:
Nice post johnsteed!
I wonder why everyone left????
I know I Sure cant resist the Meister! :D

Yea...where's Hoffman?? :D

I miss Slotchik ;)

Also....nice # of reputation points, soap! 777!

Don't thank soap anymore, let him keep that # :lolup:
I can give a rundown on some of these people:

slotchik - she's still here. In fact she posted today in another thread.

jpm - no idea what happened to him. It wasn't like he had a meltdown or had sworn off gambling. He just plain flat-out disappeared.

sw2003 - no idea

jyde - I'm still in contact with the guy. And like Jetset mentioned, he's pretty busy with his work and family.

Gramma - no idea

clayman - no idea

Bruce Hamilton - no idea

bethug - banned forever for a number of reasons.

ezc3m - no idea

lasvegashitbomb - this is Mike Craig of the OPA, etc. He was an oldtimer poster going back to 1998. the reason why his account is a little whacked out is that I had to merge a number of his accounts when I switch the forum software a few years ago. He had a few in the forum all under similar names.

Steve Adkins - still serving time in a Federal penitentiary

M249a - don't think he'll be coming back after scamming a few people and lying about his "combat" experience in Afghanistan.

Petunia - no idea

It's a shame when members seem to fall off the end of the globe, I'm sure sometimes it's by choice (perhaps they joined GA or some equivalent). But sometimes people's lives change altogether (like they die or are in an accident). It always leaves one wondering - especially when they don't seem to posting anywhere else as well.

Out of the bunch, I miss JPM the most.
Tough call on this one. I voted Brucie 'cos I liked his posting style and one or two of the others were before my time. sw2003, JPM and Slotchik came in close though and Clayman was good was a tough call


slotchik - she's still here. In fact she posted today in another thread.

Hmmm, but today isn't January 7th, 2006... or is it? Hmmm, so there are time-machines out there?! :confused:

Steve Adkins - still serving time in a Federal penitentiary

I guess he won't be making it to "ICE" this year. As far as "m249a", his lying about being in Afghanistan, that reminds me of Tim Johnson (ex-Blue Jays skipper). He used to try to pump-up his team, talking about his tales of the missions he'd once served while in Viet-Nam... yet, he WAS in baseball during that period.


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:lolup: I thought the same thing JS, but maybe she's posting under another name? Possibility.

Mr. Steed....I was wondering if you were planning on doing a few threads like last year-Top Posters of 2005, Winning Screenshots thread breakdown, you remember those? They were great reads, although I'm sure they were a monumental task. :thumbsup:


Mr. Steed....I was wondering if you were planning on doing a few threads like last year-Top Posters of 2005, Winning Screenshots thread breakdown, you remember those? They were great reads, although I'm sure they were a monumental task.

I don't think I'll be doing another "WinnerScreenshots" thread, for an all-important reason that I had overlooked when doing it last year, which is the currency that the players are using when they post their shot. "KasinoKing" had originally mentioned this, and there's no way of knowing if it's in USD or in . I originally assumed that the credit always showed what currency is being put into play, but that's not always the case. I would love to do another list, but... it would be FAR too time-consuming because to keep it honest, I'd have to follow-up and find out what currency was being used. Um... not fun. :cool:


Also....nice # of reputation points, soap! 777!

Don't thank soap anymore, let him keep that # :lolup:

Hey Winbig, check out how many times I've given thanks!! 666.....quick, who wants a thank you? Or maybe I'll leave it like that, lol.

Hiya Mr. Steed, I hear you about the currency thing with the Winner Screenshots. Too much work even if everyone was playing in the SAME currency, lol. Well, still looking forward to your next "Best of 2006" thread, whatever it may be. :thumbsup:
I would just like to point out that my i's are not yellow - but shitty greenie-brown.... :p


i's = eyes....Christ, I'm slow today, took me a full minute or so to get that, lol. DUH!!

And KK, isn't shitty greenie brown commonly referred to as hazel? :p

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