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Mar 13, 2008
While I have prompted to write about this tonight instead of just playing, I was thinking about it last night, and not for the first time.

But gamblers pay for the highs and lows. We do that for all kinds of risky behaviours.

I've been spending less, and less time for a few weeks, and it was hard to leave daily deposits.
ime not just money, and I'm not opposed to that to be honest. Even without gambling, I can avoid tasks I do not enjoy in favour of those I do.

But the elation you feel on a good hit, and the the low you feel when it's followed by crap, and then the pride in making a cashout not as big as you could have but you didn't spend it all back that day.

Several years back, I could not go to bed if I had money with wagering left before bedtime.

Even though I'm trying to cut back on the time I spend here, I find I'm emotionally invested in not just me, but new members and established members, friends or not.

I know I'm a bit of a nervous wreck on big cashouts until I have them. Even this year, I had the great fortune to win decently the weekend VS changed processors, there were a lot of emails and about 3 weeks before it was paid. That's months ago, all done and dusted and it's a great option for us Canadians now, fee free.

A member has been posting an issue with an accredited casino, where the casino paid it back to the card, has provided everything the client needs, but their bank is stupid or unwilling. We all know it will be cone and dusted at some point, but it is kind of when.

Ran into something similar years ago myself, and tons of efforts on the part of the casino, myself and my card got sorted in 11 days.

Emotional investment and time.

Here in Canada, I get stuck in a time loop a bit, in what might be responded to same day, is next day for me, and by the time I may respond, after business hours for them.

Many years before CM, when I had less control of my gambling, I risked money gambling I should not have. It did not serve me well. Even since gambling online, I choose gambling over certain other activities, but some I do prioritize over gambling.

I don't have to play just because there is money available.

I trust 32Red or VS is not folding overnight because I have a few bucks to play with tonight, even though my original plan was to do so after my dinner guest left.

I did go play a freeroll at VS between my last post here and this one, so I do strive for some balance.

I want a roller coaster, without too long a line-up, and with enough safety equipment I should expect a safe ride. If someone else would like to do the research, I do think you are safer on a roller coaster than in a car.

Like all coasters, it takes you up and down, but at the bottom of the hill at then end of it all.

One of my close friends, and a fellow gambler, but only a friend in the past decade, asked me when I won 100K, if I thought I had lost 100K lifetime. That ould be nearly 40 years of gambling, and the answer was maybe. Had I invested $30 everytime I went to bingo back in the day, and every lottery ticket and compounded interest, yes of course it was. But the bar was out when I was pregnant 30 plus years ago, but I could have takeout or nails or more expensive clothes. Even without spending it on gambling, I doubt I would have invested it Rlong term.

Membership here is emotionally invested for me. I care about people, and I learn things when people pour their hearts out. I've been in a feud over a casino, (long ago and since resolved), where what I thought and posted was emotionally charged with online acquaintances.

Overall, I know I like the emotional investment of gambling and being part of this forum. Just don't want it to overwhelm me for too long.

So thank you once yet again for your indulgence while I work my own stuff out.

And I always learn from your sharing.

PS, I thought you'd buy a car if you won 100K was hilarious Incredible stuff. You told me that over a yeara go when we met, and I didn't feel 100K was enough to buy a car, because it is'a big onging expense. But if you are someone already paying for a car, a better or newer car might be in line for a bigger win.

Wasn't the punter that one 6 or so million on a 30 cent bet's first purchase as jag or porsche or something? Butler's Bingo, the rep, posted the stories in the news at the time.

I have cataracts that need surgery, when I went about them this February this spring, they would have yanked my licence if I'd had one.

But I can afford to take some taxis.

Half an hour writing this, i feel less emotionally invested than I was 6 hours ago.

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