The dark side of Macau


gambling addict
Sep 26, 2004
I started visiting Macau since the mid-80s of the last century but havent been there for over a decade due to my health. Normal folks are very poor so they were very pleased a few years ago when in the space of 2-3 years every Macanese citizen was given a handout of 6000 patacas. The place was infiltrated with triads and was a result of poor management by the portuguese before 1999 which was the year of the handover back to China. In 1997 or thereabouts the place was so bad I was robbed when dining at a restaurant within hotel Lisboa. Several thugs surrounded me after noticing I won at the casino 1 floor above. In the past 15 years with new hotels and casinos cropping up the triads have become more obscure and are more involved in loan of chips to casino customers. Prostitution is also a big problem. With money from the north ie China drying up common folks are finding their lives difficult. Hell, the greedy property developer who was convicted in a Macau court could not be extradited from Hong Kong to Macau because there is no extradition treaty. His health aint good and he left his billions to his newly-wed wife and son.