The chargeback... and why most of the time is the worst option


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Jul 10, 2016
North east England
After not been here a while and just merely a spectator And reading many a thread on folks having issues I’d just like to add personal experience about taking this action.

years back I had a issue with a pretty well known casino (not sure if ok to mention the name so will leave blank)

I wasn’t a member here at the time and was pretty new to gambling online, didn’t know what a Bryan or a PAB was.
Found a site with a great welcome offer and signed up happily and deposited my cash.

First deposit lost no issue, but was promised (on email should I lose I had x amount of super spins of £1 value

long story short contacted chat, refused this offer as I was told i was lying, even after showing the email...
Even after showing the chat before deposit confirming this..

After numerous emails (over 30, over 20 chats) and agents laughing and mocking me and complaints over weeks being ignored I decided to contact my bank for advice...
They offered the chargeback route...
it was and still is NatWest.

I gave the bank evidence of the offer, the chat agents conforming this offer and even the sign up email and was assigned basically a fraud agent to deal with it, this guy from my bank emailed personally got all the information from me and told me he would get back to me.

within 2 days upon checking my account my deposited funds from said casino where there and they found in my favour... or so I thought.

fast forward a few months and I tried to play on rizk.. banned and self excluded...
Calzone... banned and self excluded..
This went on at the time of every single MT secure site, some I had cash in others not...

luckily at the time we had here captain rizk (some older members will remember he was great)

what had happened during this chargeback was I was classed self excluded from all those casinos in the licence.. And it literally took me beyond months to explain I wasn’t self excluded and no rogue player it was one casino issue I had that caused this...

Now rizk with the help of the rep got my account sorted, sadly about 5 others in that group to this day wouldn’t let me re open my accounts or open new ones at new sites like ‘metal casino’ at the time...
Also a few others.

also when last year opening a further savings account for my daughter with my same bank this was brought up even though it was ruled in my favour, after what ever the bank staff looked into it was ok after a uncomfortable wait.

don’t get me wrong I was 110% right that the casino wronged me and I wasn’t given what was promised, I mean if I bought a cooker that I was told gas and it came back electric I’d want it swapping or a refund.
but a chargeback isn’t just a refund... it follows you about like a sneaky butler at a Barrymore pool party.

it should only ever be used as the LAST and I mean LAST avenue, use this place for disputes, they will and can help...Use max for the PAB, guy will help you.

If it’s only a few quid you lost I’m not saying just let the rogue clip joint walk, but is a few quid worth massive hassles down the road?...

I didn’t lose a load when I done my chargeback, but looking back I’d rather of lost the money than deal with the crap that came after it and still follows... careful, a chargeback isn’t as easy and straightforward as you may think.


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May 31, 2015
I don’t know much about the kind of reception you receive when you ask for a chargeback to a bank employee. And how bad his opinion about you gets way worse instantly when you explain that after losing your money, you didn’t get your free spins. In Canada, they would ask you if you realize that you are trying to funny, if you need mental help and kick you the f out. They really did a chargeback for that?
I would advise you to never do that again. If a casino is fine with this kind of popular scum practice, close your account. Since it was super spins, I guess they came wager free and you went nuts? Do you call the police when your drug dealer has bad quality and try to act like you are the problem? I guess you do. That being said, every casino does lie and try to hustle you with their terms that ate pretty well written, by lawyers. I have been lied to for very small ammounts, often for 10% cashback deal that all of a sudden was never heard of and just for the fun of it. Offers, cashout delays, management, associations between casinos (same owner or scumspam affiliates... ask all you want, you will receive the info they want you to know or believe. Even if its ridiculous, impossible and absurd. The only ones that never lies are casinos that never offer anything. Less frustrating but not very much better. Always expect a lie or two. Evasive unclear answers and the good old... congradulations when you win 100$ on a 80$ deposit. After at least 2000$ deposit in the last 30 days. Spins stalled for 8 days after that/

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