The casino you love but the things you dislike about them.


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Mar 1, 2011
toronto ontario canada
There is no casino perfect but we all have our favourite, what is it that you don't like about your most-played casino?

Playojo been my #1 casino honestly they are great but mind you is gaining ground.

Playojo love the cashback and no wagering and they really look after their VIP players but what I don't like about their site or what needs to be improved is their customer service as sometimes it takes days to get a reply.

On PC the sidebar is always there even when the game is in full mode the sidebar is annoying and you cant minimize it and the happy face counter is creative but at the same time find it childish-looking.

The most thing annoying is their withdrawals, which can be fast at times but after making a withdrawal you can not make another till it is cleared from their end and using Gigadet takes days to clear after your paid. If you are a VIP you can contact support to manually withdraw if you have another pending. I personally think it's a stalled practice hoping players will play back.

What is your love/hate with your favourite casino?
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I really loved Videoslots for the longest time, what I didn't like was the

- SOWs

- Game selection avalanche with diminishing quality control

- Increased XP requirements for Battles

- Technical problems aplenty

- Re-verification hijinks

- Payment issue woes

- Abandonment of the excellent snail mail offers

- Lack of site outlay updates with archaic HUDs

- The feeling of indifference from CS

- Rewards often not redeeming correctly

- Battles non-spinner extravaganzas

- Dan leaving

- Dan not returning

I love Bitstarz because of their fast cash outs, quick and excellent customer service and their level up adventure :)

I dislike their Friday loyalty cashback as its set to max $100 to withdraw with high wagering. If I get back a decent amount of cashback I don't bother with it.

They have taken some of my favourite slots from certain providers so not all slots are available in library.

Isoftbet is no longer there because of country restriction but other casinos have brought it back, so come on Bitstarz, with love ;)
I love withdrawals, huge game selection, max RTP (so far), not bad daily freebies when available.

Dislike..poor customer can be lumpy at times.
I love @LV BET casino however withdrawals sometimes take too long and I don't like their live support at all.
Besides that one or the best out there.
@JohnSnow We appreciate for sharing your honest opinion it will help us improve. As mentioned privately I am always a pm away. Even on weekends for urgent cases ;)

I love Kingbilly they have great promotions their customer service is amazing and VIP reps are great, fast withdrawals one of the best in my opinion.
Only dislike not all providers available
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Leovegas..lots of games.. withdrawals are nearly instant..customer service been fine for me..nice promos.
Only dislike is I'm done on th site loads and play n go and pragmatic have low rtp
I used to love Videoslots - 2 years ago nearly all my favourite slots were there and I played nearly every day...
Then they started slashing their RTPs - and my joy turned to horror :mad:

That is the ONLY reason I hardly play there at all any more.

Videoslots for cut RTP
But both Winz and VS because the rewards are so heavily skewed for low rollers with 0 consideration for anyone else sinks in money. When you're always playing a buck to 5 bucks a spin, who the Hell wants a small handful of spins at 10 cents
Like, yay, I blew 1K tonight but I made 72 cents in rewards? Thanks?
And the sad thing is that a 72c win on 10 free spins at 10c is still at the higher end for these promotions…
Ya, a fair chunk last 2 days, and got a few rewards (some, 5 spins at 10 c) - tonight was 40 spins at 10c, won 88 c...whoop-de doo :p
Gimmie 10 at say 50c, so maybe...maybe..I can scrape a few bucks back if I were, though, unlikey, but a chance to, hit an FS/bonus round...but at least, I'd feel there was a chance

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