The Casino Online Starts to Pay with Explanation


Dormant account
Nov 4, 2001

I just heard from TCO. They have started to pay me the $7500 that they owe me. I just received my first $500 in my Pay Pal account. Hopefully, they will do this every week until I am paid in full. That's what they said to me in their email.

They claim that problems with chargebacks have caused problems with payouts and put them in a hole. Does that seem legit? What are chargebacks?

At least they are stepping up to the plate. I am satisfied for now.

Thanks to Safe Bet, IGC, OPA, Casino Meister and everybody here for your help.

TCO also gave me $25 from my inconvenience. I turned that into $104 and cashed out. I received that in my Pay Pay account the next day! I wish all payouts were that quick.

Take care,

Good for them, but their apparent inability to pay out a big win all in one go has in the past been a worrying indicator of cashflow problems at other casinos. Take care!

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