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Nov 4, 2001

On 8/16/01, I reversed a withdrawal of $650 with The Casino Online (TCO). This was all profit and was going to be sent to my address as a check. Instead, I reversed and played blackjack with that money, got it up to $10,500 and eventually cashed out $7503 on 8/24/01. I requested that the money be sent via wire transfer to my bank account. This has yet to be approved. I call and write and they never give a straight answer. Either they tell me that the manager is not available or that they will get back to me. They never do. Please help.

One month ago, I contacted Safe Bet and asked them to help. They asked TCO contact me but as of today, they still haven't. I also asked the Internet Gaming Commission to help and OPA. Nobody has been able to entice TCO to even write me to make up an excuse as to why I haven't been paid. This is ridiculous.

Please help and tell me what else I can do.

Thanks, Joe M.
Hi Ufojoe,

I've invited the casino to make a comment in our forum. As for Safebet, they are pretty flacid when it comes to handling complaints. The same goes for the IGC, unfortunately.

This casino is full of it.

They put the Internet Gaming Commission's logo on the front of thier webpage, and yet they have NEVER been accredited by this orginization.
Thecasinoonline has been licensed by the government of Costa Rica, but that's about it.

Also, this casino stole some of its html from Pharoah's casino's former website. Unbelievable.

Joe - its not too often you reverse a cashout and turn it into a $7500 win. To have to wait 70 days to get a reply from the casino manager is insane.

Am I lame or what? I thought that was what was doing? Too many rogues to keep track of, hmm. Something I need to check out.

Ha ha,

If you click on the Safebet link at you get this:
You do not have permission to view link Log in or register now.

Which explains that the casino is NOT a member.

Guess I'm updating the rogue section first thing in the morning. Unfortunately for ufojoe, his plight will probably fall on deaf ears at this casino.

I checked out their chatroom:

Richie: Hello, can I help you?
you: Are you a member of Safebet?
Richie: Yes, we are
you: I click the link and it gives me the sentence, Illegal use of Safebet Logo
Richie: Location?
you: Go to your main page and click the safebet banner!
Richie: Let me check
Richie: I just clicked on it and it fine
Richie: I suggest you to try again.
you: Yes but you are brought to a page that explains that you are NOT a member and the banner is being used without permission.
Richie: The banner we have says something different.
you: This is the page I am referring to
You do not have permission to view link Log in or register now.

Richie: Hold on please
Richie: We are very sorry, but we just checked and everything in ok
Richie: The Manager has checked too
you: Okay, are you a member of the Internet Gaming Commission?
you: I went to their site and can't find you listed there either
Richie: Yes, we are too.
you: Why aren't you listed?
Richie: You should check it out carefully, because we are a certified casino
Richie: Go to
Richie: You'll see there.
Richie: What's your username?
you: No problem, I have contacts at both organizations and will confirm it with them. Thanks!
you: Casinomeister
Richie: Sure
Richie: Hold on please
Richie: Is that your username?
Richie: At our casino?
you: No, for the www. You can check out more info at
Richie: Ok
Richie: We will
you: Later
Richie: Is there something else I can do for you?
you: Nope, that's it. Thanks!

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Thanks for checking this out Bryan! It seems they have now fixed thier Safebet link, since it now shows they are a member.
Bryan : ufojoe was complaining about TheCasinoOnline. Is your safebet link post about a different casino? i.e. TheOnlineCasino? or TheCasinoOnline?

"If you click on the Safebet link at you get this:
You do not have permission to view link Log in or register now.

Confusing, eh?
Yes, it's confusing...and apparently they fixed their link. I'm waiting word from the IGC now to see why they are not listed at the Internet Gambling Commission's site.

Thanks for the commments from everybody. I checked Safe Bet's site and TCO is listed as a certified Platinum member. As if that matters.

I realize that it is not every day that you reverse $650 and turn it into $10,500 and then
reverse that and finally cash in $7500. I Did it then and haven't done it since.

Hope that TCO surprises me and actually comes through like a real casino would. Is there any other regulation body at all? It kills me that they still send me their promos and refuse to even contact me on this matter. Live and learn? I hope not in this case.

Take care,

For those who care, TCO has emailed me and asked that I be paid my $7500 via Pay Pal instead of bank wire. I said yes. When this will happen is anybodies' guess. They gave me a free $25 for my "inconvenience." I turned it into $104.50 and withdrew via Pay Pal. And guess what?
That money is already in my account. But not the bog money. What about my $7500????!!!!

I will update this board when they pay me in full.

In the last 4 days, I have won an unbelievable (3) royal flushes at Lucky Nugget Casino. If that isn't enough, the last one was for $20,000. I have no experience with this casino, but their emails assure me all of these funds will be wire transfered, per my detailed instructions, within 48 hours (that was yesterday). Anyone have any dealings with this casino? My only other experience with a large winning was with the Golden Palace, and it took 2 months but I finally received my $10,000.00. After reading all their bad press, I never went there again.


Just wanted to say I received by wire transfer this morning my total winnings from Lucky Nugget of $23,460.00. Looks like this is a good reputable casino, I requested this last saturday and the funds were deposited the following tuesday morning! Good to be able to say something positive.


Just out of curiosity, over the 4 days, how many hours did you play? In Vegas, they might have even doubled your second (or third) royal flush!

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