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Sep 19, 2008
I have been a member of Betfred casino for a long time now and have received several bonuses where you simply wager you deposit and bonus and can withdraw all that is left when the wagering is done. Last night i transferred 25 pounds(not a big deal but to me it is) and had a 12.50 bonus added to my account, so i am thinking here i go another 375 pounds to wager before i get to withdraw. I completes the wagering and am lucky enough to have 59 pounds left in my account, so i withdraw, or try to but get stopped and told that although i have wagered my money plus their money times 10 they decide that on this occasion for the first time in 4 years or so iit is a playable bonus only and they want it back. I asked to speak with a supervisor but was refused about 6 times so surely if it is a playable bonus only i should not have to deposit double the amount to obtain it and wager that too? A playable bonus as i recall is generally a no deposit bonus where they take theres back at the end. Anyway just beware as they seem to change the terms and cons. to suit themselves at the moment and the management are never contactable.
i think (althoug) i am not sure that i have banned myself from bonuses here just because of their wagering, i think i had higher for beeing from sweden or something. I do not play there anymore... too bad since i love playtech!

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