Bonus Complaint The Bonus isn't for you ... it's for them!


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Aug 25, 2011
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Hi I'm Don and I'm new to the site and not new to online gambling but new to this whole "bonus" thing. After much thought I’ve come to the conclusion that it's nothing but a scam used to take advantage of gamblers... because Gamblers like action the more action the better... oh prolong my gamblng on your dime ... I'll take as much as you'll give me!

The bottom line is that it is a bad investment on the player’s part. I mean seriously first, the play through amount is not in tune with what might be considered reasonable. For instance, I deposit $30 out of the goodness of their caring hearts... the lovable lugs give me an additional $60 to play with so now I have $90 ... Whoa... Whoa! Then they hit me with a 30X play through which is UN friggin reasonable ...but e worst parts are still to come. THEY TACK MY REAL $$$ DEPOSIT ON AND FORCEME TO A 30x PLAY THROUGH ON MY OWN$$. That is just wrong... wrong.. wrong! So maybe you hit a little something getting your chip count up to 300... 400.. enough to get you throught the play through .. THEY THEN HAVE THE NERVE TO TAKE THE BONUS BACK!!! It is friggin criminal!!!! Therefore, I have to see my way through $2700 in slot play for a loan of $60 to play at their casino an amount most of them give the new person off the street just to train him into being a bonus whore. DO NOT DO IT DON'T BUY THE BONUS LIE. It is the Casino's way of setting you up to FAIL!!!!! Love to hear the other side and I know maybe it sustains your play and then you hit but from pro's and con's perspective IT IS AS BAD OF AN INVESTMENT AS THERE IS ANYWHERE. This is my first such post. Happy Holidays, Don S.


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May 22, 2010
You're certainly not the only one who is frustrated with a lot of the bonuses that are offered. But, at least let this be a lesson to look through the terms and conditions before ever accepting any bonus. Don't let these rules catch you by surprise, or else you could end up not being paid out because of a T&C breach.

You really have to do some searching to find good ones, especially if you're from the USA. The big thing as you mentioned was the casino taking away the bonus. This is typically known as a "sticky" or "phantom" bonus and in general (and IMO) they should be avoided. Also make sure you never take a match bonus with a stupid maximum cashout rule; they're fine for no deposit bonuses (albeit annoying), but it's complete robbery on a match.

Some accredited casinos do offer cashable bonuses with decent terms (iNetBet and Jackpot Capital being the two that come to my mind), so not all bonuses are wagering traps. I find that they do extend my play, and as long as you fully understand the rules behind every bonus you claim, it can be worthwhile.


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Jun 20, 2001
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You could just not take one. Just saying.

In reality though, what do you expect? The casino gives you twice as much as you gave them, and what? you want them to say "here just play it through once and take it home"? A casino wouldn't last a week doing that. A casino is a business not a charity.

FWIW the bonus requirements used to be as low as 4x bonus+deposit some years ago, but greedy bonus hunters and advantage players spoiled it for the average gambler by playing the lowest edge games to the exact wagering and withdrawing. If you want to blame someone, blame them not the casinos who are trying to protect their bottom line.

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