The best casino promotion yet


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Jul 11, 2004
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Just got an email, with the subject "CONGRATULATIONS"

You have been placed into the Blue tier as part the brand new Vegas Loyalty Lounge loyalty program, this means that you will now be able to benefit even more by playing at any one of Vegas Partner Lounges several fantastic online casinos!

With this fantastic new offer were rewarding you for playing! For every 10 credits you wager you will receive 1 free, these can be used again in the casino!

Vegas Loyalty Lounge is split into four tiers namely Blue, Silver, Platinum and Gold - the higher your tier the bigger the reward!

To find out more about this amazing new loyalty program click HERE

With Vegas Loyalty lounge its about thanking YOU the player!

Vegas Loyalty Lounge Team
The line "For every 10 credits you wager you will receive 1 free," sounds really good, but when you look at the terms, its every 10 credits wagered recieved 1 Loyalty point, and 500 loyalty points is wirth 2 credits

Wait.... It gets better

in the terms it says this
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How it Works

Vegas Loyalty Lounge rewards you for your patronage. Youll earn Lounge Points for every bet you place. The more you play the more you earn and the higher you climb on our tier system.

As a member you earn 1 (one) Loyalty Lounge Point for every 10 credits wagered on our casino games. Points must be redeemed within 3 months of earning them or they expire.

Points are exchanged for casino credits in your account:

500 points earn you 2 (two) casino credits or
1000 points earn you 5 (five) casino credits

Different games have different wagering requirements which are illustrated on the table below:

Slots and Parlor Games

Table Poker, Casino War, Red Dog and SicBo

All Roulette

Video poker, Craps, Baccarat

All Blackjack, All Aces



1 Lounge Point for 10 Credits wagered on Slots and Parlor Games
1 Lounge Point for 20 Credits wagered on Table Poker, Casino War, Red Dog and SicBo
1 Lounge Point for 100 Credits wagered on all Roulette
1 Lounge Point for 200 Credits wagered on Video poker, Craps, Baccarat
1 Lounge Point for 500 Credits wagered on all Blackjack and all Aces
So, basically, wager 250,000 on any BJ, and you get 2 credits:thumbsup::eek2:

This has to be the best one yet. The credits probably come in as bonus credits which have to be wagered another 60 times:lolup:

This must be the promotion of the year!


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Oct 14, 2004
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This is FAR FAR WORSE that the pitiful standard scheme that many casinos use, which is 1 point for 10 credits wagered, and 1000 points = 10 credits.

This scheme offers HALF what others offer, so is hardly a GOOD loyalty program. For non-slots, it is so awful as to not be worth the bother.

I had some emails this was coming, and was considering installing all my old dormant accounts, but seeing this - I won't bother now.

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