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Jun 6, 2004

I'm quite new here and I couldn't help but notice your fantastic beer contest.

I'm very confused though, are there no terms? Doesn't 10 maximum bet spins on millions = $30?

Are there wagering requirements placed on the $200 ?

What does the beer taste like? I quite a fan of hoegarten myself.

How much money/beer is on offer here? how many winners are there likely to be?

Lastly, thank you for this kind offer casinomeister.
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Jun 30, 1998
Hi moniz,

And welcome to the forum.

The Bierfest is easy - just join the casino (Roxy Palace): open a real account and just make a minimum pull of 10x at the Major Million's slots (either one of them) after doing so - fill out the form at the Bierfest which includes your account number, and you are entered for the "Beer" drawing at the end the month.

The ten spins at Major Millions = $30, so your minimum deposit would be $30 - but it's up to you on how much to deposit - I hope this is a casino you'd join for the long term; they are some really good people. Their newbie bonus is covered by their terms and conditions and is a separate deal from the bierfest.

At the end of the month, I'll pick an entry at random and that lucky winner will have a choice of $200 via neteller or a "rack" of Bier delivered to their home via Fedex.

The Bier is a locally brewed batch which is the elixir of summer life here. A "rack" equals 10 bottles .5 liters each. I'll give the winner a choice of a locally brewed Pilsner or a Hefe Weissen (northern Bavaria specializes in these two types of brew and these are my and Jackpot Willi's personal favorites). If the winner wants both, I can mix the rack 50/50.

What's it taste like? That would be trying to explain what an orgasm feels like - it's pretty good :D

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