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Bonus Complaint The BADEST Experience with a Casino Ever!Magicstarlive.com

Discussion in 'Casino Complaints - Bonus Issues' started by Fabian1984, Jan 14, 2017.

    Jan 14, 2017
  1. Fabian1984

    Fabian1984 Dormant account


    I hope anyone can help me

    Thats a long Story and sry for my Bad English.

    First ~2 Month ago i want to play anything and find the Site


    Than the Story began...
    I try to deposit 30€ in the Casino via Paysafecard.
    My Problem was the Paysafecard was blocked DIRECT over this Casino!

    I think ok i send the Casino a Message and try to explain that Paysafecards direct blocked in the Casino.
    Paysafecard i had informated and they say

    Unautorized Payment

    Mhmh i think ok and Paysafecard mean they dont can unlock them the Only Way is over
    Banktransfer.Ok i will do it and wait for an Answer from Magicstarlive.com

    The Casino mean ok we give you the 30€ and we talk with Paysafecard.
    The Casino credit me the 30€ with the Bonus 90€ so in Full Amount 120€.

    Then i try my Luck and Spin 2 Times to check my Wagering and what i must see...
    I DONT have any Wager they had give me REALMONEY not Bonusmoney.

    So i think thats ok and try to Withdraw 118€ but that was refused!
    The Casino says we need the 30€ and then we can add the Wager.

    So the Next Problem was the Casino has NO Way from Germany to pay anthing.
    Neteller,Skrill and Mastercard says decline or Geolocation blocked.

    I had send the Casino more than 1 Email and when i had an Answer then i must wait 1 Week or more!
    Good the Casino has now for me an Alternative Gateway to pay over them since Friday.

    I was more than Lucky and deposit the 30€ but now i NEVER receive any Answer from the Support-.-

    Can anyone say me its a Fraud/Rogue Casino or not?

    Ps:I had now try the 4times to cashout but i think they refused them again-.-
    I think i never see any Penny from this Casino

    Attached Files:

    • The BADEST Experience with a Casino Ever!Magicstarlive.com: mag.jpg,Jan 14, 2017
      File size:
      59.9 KB
    • The BADEST Experience with a Casino Ever!Magicstarlive.com: mag1.jpg,Jan 14, 2017
      File size:
      63.6 KB
    Last edited: Jan 14, 2017
  2. Jan 14, 2017
  3. philderby1

    philderby1 Senior Member

    factory worker
    it does not look good. They are licenced in Curaçao and I cant seem to find what software provider they are using.

    Sorry man..
  4. Jan 14, 2017
  5. Fabian1984

    Fabian1984 Dormant account

    magicstarlive.com is owned by PlayPearls ltd, 22/11, Vincenti Buildings, Strait Street, Valletta VLT 1432, Malta and operated by Platypus B.V., registered in the Commercial Register of Curaçao with number 136428, regulated by the Curaçao Interactive Licensing Authority and duly licensed through a sublicence granted on 11 August 2015 by Curaçao Interactive

    So they used Playpearls as Gameprovider
  6. Jan 14, 2017
  7. philderby1

    philderby1 Senior Member

    factory worker
    okidoke, ive never heard of them upto now :D
  8. Jan 14, 2017
  9. Fabian1984

    Fabian1984 Dormant account

    Playpearls is a really good Provider with good Payout;)
    But that was not the 3th Month and they dont want to Answer or to Pay-.-

    Globallivecasino and Betrealm are the same Provider

    I wonder i dont find anything about Magicstarlive.
    No Complaint or something like a Ghorst or something no Way to find any about this Casino.
    I find only a lot of Fake Reviews...
  10. Jan 14, 2017
  11. Harry_BKK

    Harry_BKK Meister Member CAG mm1

    job is OK
    Fake license for starters: http://www.casinomeister.com/forums/casino-complaints-non-bonus-issues/72910-play-pearls-casinos-platypus-b-v-rip-off.html

    Write those few bucks off as you probably lost more than that in your gambling life and start playing at decent casinos. Check out the accredited section here at CM: http://www.casinomeister.com/forums/content/section/131-accredited-online-casinos-reviews/

    Herzlich willkommen bei CM :D
  12. Jan 14, 2017
  13. Fabian1984

    Fabian1984 Dormant account

    Great so i never Receive any Money:mad::eek2:

    I hope and pray that you are not in the right
  14. Jan 14, 2017
  15. adamtheaddict

    adamtheaddict Meister Member

    Am i reading that correct, in that you tried to withdraw €118 of €120 balance after doing (presumably) 2spins at €1 a spin, at which point you noticing there was no wagering currently attached to the €90 so attempted a withdrawal?
    That would be a little cheeky if true!
    There would be a minimum 1x deposit wagering on cash balances to protect against money laundering, sometimes more depending on what casino.
    Not sure on any minimum wagering requirement on free funds that should be/have yet to be established as bonusfunds but i'd have a guess that it isn't €0 either, so i dont know why it suprises you that you couldn't withdraw 118 after 2 spins of a €30 deposit :p
    Sincere apolagies if i read that wrong.
    Have not heard of the casino either so cannot actually add any help to my already unhelpful post.
  16. Jan 14, 2017
  17. Fabian1984

    Fabian1984 Dormant account

    yes you have it read wrong;)

    1.Deposit via Paysafecard 30€ they blocked the Card
    2.I send Paysafecard and Magicstarlive and Email about them
    3.Magicstarlive mean they ask Paysafecard but we give you the 30€ and the Bonus

    Magicstarlive dont had the 30€ from Paysafecard thats is why the Casino say please Deposit 30€
    Yes im a Dumbass i had deposit Today and since then nothing heard anything from them

    The BADEST Experience with a Casino Ever!Magicstarlive.com: m1.jpg,Jan 14, 2017
  18. Jan 15, 2017
  19. Fabian1984

    Fabian1984 Dormant account

    The BADEST Experience with a Casino Ever!Magicstarlive.com: Unbenannt.jpg,Jan 15, 2017 The BADEST Experience with a Casino Ever!Magicstarlive.com: Unbenannt2.jpg,Jan 15, 2017

    Tommorow is the next step my Lawyer;)

    And yes lol they can cancel my Withdraw again but dont can add my wager...
  20. Jan 15, 2017
  21. philderby1

    philderby1 Senior Member

    factory worker
    there are plenty of very good, honest operations listed here at casinomeister, My advice is to sign up with a few of these :D
  22. Jan 15, 2017
  23. Fabian1984

    Fabian1984 Dormant account

    A neverending Story now they cames with Credit Card ...

    The BADEST Experience with a Casino Ever!Magicstarlive.com: gggf.jpg,Jan 15, 2017
    Edit:Now no One Works

    Mhmh but the Support(Its the same Person at Facebook,Mail or in the Casino named Renato)is not working Today.
    BUT yesterday i ask them they works on Weekend?YES they add the wagering soon lol lie over lie...

    The BADEST Experience with a Casino Ever!Magicstarlive.com: dfdfgf.jpg,Jan 15, 2017
    Last edited: Jan 15, 2017
  24. Jan 15, 2017
  25. Steviedoo

    Steviedoo Senior Member

    If you used your credit card to deposit the 30$ that they gave you. Yes they will ask for a photo to verify your account. But it sounds all very strange that they gave you 30$ on the hope that paysafe would give them the money and then now they asked you to deposit the original 30$ that they never got from paysafe.

    Like others have said check out the list of very reputable and trustworthy casinos on casinomeister.
  26. Jan 15, 2017
  27. Fabian1984

    Fabian1984 Dormant account

    Steviedoo i had send it too;)
    But i think that is not the Problem
    I hope now anyone can read this google translate..


    I try to explain the whole thing;)

    On 4.11.2016 I tried a deposit over 30 € in the casino.
    The whole problem started.
    My Paysafecards were both blocked directly in the casino.
    I then immediately sent an email to the casino and Paysafecard.

    In response to Paysafecard came

    Unauthorized Payment

    Paysafecard itself then meant that there is no way to unlock the cards and I would have to refund the money via bank transfer.
    At Paysafecard myself I had to send a copy of the ID card and a proof of address by email. The whole then took about 1 week until
    I received an email and the money was then almost 3 weeks later on my bank.

    Now go on with Magicstarlive ...
    I have also written to the casino that the cards with which are directly blocked. A gentle name Renato has told me then that one deals with
    Paysafecard and the whole clarifies with those. In good, the casino has the 30 € + 300% bonus credited what makes a total of 120 €.
    So far so good I thought to myself since the bonus on my Acc was. Since the whole problem began.I thought for 2-3 spins look after
    the wager.Was I had to see there was very surprised me.
    The money as a REAL money not credited as a bonus money! Well then we click on payout look what happens when one the whole pay off.How said
    I had no sales conditions or other ...

    With the money what was booked back I then still played and came then on a sum of 811 €.
    Now I tried again to pay out something which did not go again.
    My payout was justified with the 30 € because Paysafecard no solution was found. The strange was there still the casino asked me for the pincodes. A picture of the Paysafecards so everything completely.
    The whole from the time already very much strange...

    The casino then said to me I should nevertheless please make a 30 € deposit so they can adjust my wager.
    I then tried several times to explain to the casino that there is no way to deposit in the casino in Germany.
    Neteller says Geolocation blocked and Skrill dealer not allowed.
    Mastercard does not give on either way.

    I got an email on Friday which they installed an alternative gateway and which I can deposit. At the time I was more than happy!

    Said done I then paid the 30 €.

    I have until now still no answer or my wager is still not there.
    I can gladly repeat this again already in the 3. month
    Last edited: Jan 15, 2017
  28. Jan 17, 2017
  29. Fabian1984

    Fabian1984 Dormant account

    A Wonder!!

    We had a Solution and the Casino has payed me!
    Yes they pay me:D

    Please close this Complaint thx

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