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Oct 29, 2002
It took a while but I recieved an email off someone who told me that Micogaming is fixable !!
I thought no surely not he told me to enter a M/G casino and watch even better he said play cash splash between a certain time RUBBISH I thought but ever the optimist over to c3i I went I arrived a few minutes early so cash splash I played (armed with a video camera recording the secreen ) dum de dum I went spin spin spin as the time was near I thought I have been scammed it cant be done and as I have been nowere near cashsplash at c3i since the incident I thougt to myself several minutes here out of many days whats the odds on the jackpot dropping?? the seconds ticked down TILL BINGO a message on screen the cashsplash has been won by another player jackpot reset at $5000 (it was won at just over $42000)


MICROGAMING check your data base was I playing cashsplash minutes before during and minutes after the cashsplash was won ???





oh yes I also bought in with my credit card before and after the cash splash win, a very short while ago to prove beyond doubt I was there (my c card company dont lie

$9100 NOW


Well, that does it for me. No more microgaming casinos. Their blackjack continues to be cold for me and hot for Mr. Lucky, the dealer. Now all this... time to try some new casinos.


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Oct 29, 2002
Hi snake eyes its took long enough but its time to ditch all your M/G software try my place play for free but give me feed back on the black jack I honestly believe you will notice how fair and honest it is as I say try it for free you wont be dissapointed and if you think its cr*p let me know

Mgaming my money please

Todd Mateer

I saw on the news a few weeks ago that it is a
good idea to type your name into the internet
search engines every few months to see what
comes up. I was surprised to see that my research
article I wrote back in October made its way into
this discussion forum. I am sitting here now
doing some revisions for the longer thesis that
I hope to have done later this Spring.

To answer a few things brought up in the

(1) The $125 payoff limit in S.C. was enforced by lowering all of the payoff tables so that the
jackpot hand would never be higher than this
amount. Progressive machines stopped at $125 also. Prior to this, higher jackpots could be
paid by issuing several $125 vouchers which could
be redeemed on different days. A court ruling
last summer put a stop to that which caused
business for the industry to drop. By the way,
the nickel machines only started late last
summer when the cap was enforced. Prior to that,
we had quarter machines and anyone could win as
much as they want. I left for the summer and
got married and when I returned all of the
research I had done on the payoff tables had to
be thrown away becuase everything had changed.

(2) Video poker was declared illegal by the
state supreme court before the election would have
been held. Unless something changes, cash
payouts will not be allowed after June 30.

(3) The main conclusion of the thesis is that
you couldn't make money in S.C. like you can in
Las Vegas on full pay machines. The minimum
wage argument is correct assuming that one
plays at a rate of about 600 games per hour
(6 seconds/game) for a long period of time
(like 40 hours a week for a year or more) on
a full-pay Deuce's Wild machine with one of the
expert strategies (I am analyzing Jazbo's
tables published on the internet and analyzing
Dan Paymar's precision play strategy) with a
sufficient bankroll (Paymar's book gives tables
showing how much one needs for a 95% or 99%
probability of not losing it). If one plays
for a very long period of time, the statistics
will average out to around a minimum wage figure.
However, one should be warned that there is the
potential for great losses if one falls in the
lower 5% of the probability curve. One guy I
read about lost $20,000 in one year even though
he claimed to play expertly. It's kinda like
playing russian roulette if you're doing it for
money than for fun. However, the AVERAGE earnings
observed was about minimum wage. THis means that
others made out much better than this and others
like the guy mentioned above got less money than

I know that this is 3 months old now, but if
anyone wanted to discuss this more, feel free
to reply to send an e-mail to my address

Well, back to my thesis. It makes me more
motivated to work on it when I see that others
took an interest in it.

Todd Mateer
Department of Mathematics
Clemson University


I have found a highly interesting system.
Including software. One finds it under or
In the system "Pekuniary" one plays on simples chances, and I am
yesterday in the casino gone, in which casino Vienna in Austria.
Immediately I have played, with pieces per 20.000 schilling.
The croupier turned: 2-4-16-7-32-27-25-30-36-3-12-12-16-26 -26-10-8
I have won then after 1 hour really 520.000 schilling, in dollars are that about 37.000 U.S. dollars or about DM 75.000.--
Insanity, as one can win with this system.


Driven by Berthold above message Ive performed a search about this australian SelMcKenzie company.
Lots of interesting stuff/software, the most incredible gadgets, reminding the adventure of the guys who hit Las Vegas equiped with a computers strapped to their legs and keyboards on their shoes. Apparently one of those gadgets allows you to gamble online while driving... ( Geez, Ive just bet the highway toll money...).
Unfortunately they seem to be aiming the German market so the most of the available info is in german. Ive downloaded their 4 point so Mb software, but on install it seems to keep asking for dlls that are only part of German-Windows, and aborts install. Pity, just hope they turn to english speaking market soon, or anyone who reads this supply an english URL...


Jan 12, 2001
Not necessarily stupid, I'd say - just perhaps a bit too hasty and/or lazy. Won't go into details there!

My silly board has the ability to configure the IPs to show or not - and I can't get them to show, at least not right now. Then again, it IS a free product w/o any real support...

Now if people would just wake up and concentrate on the real issues at hand without pretending to be someone else we could all benefit...


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Nov 24, 2003
Does anyone know who owns Pro Cyber Services? Does anyone have a physical address for them?


Golden Palace and Casino Depot, 2 companies owned by the same enity, are confiscating players money. For some time, they been having generous promos where they give 20% of any deposit to a max bonus of $2000. Golden Palace would run this promo about once a month for 3 days, I don't know how often Depot ran theirs. Players that they feel are taking advantage of these promos, are being locked out of their accounts and the casinos are keeping any money that they have on deposit. One player I know, got an e-mail warning a couple of weeks ago. This was a very nice gesture on the part of the casino. The warning stated that it has come to their intention that he only plays during promotional periods and that if that continues, they would be left with no choice as to suspend any promotional offers to him. So what does he do? He makes a deposit and plays. As he was playing, he gets locked out. As of now, they are keeping his money. At this time, I don't know how many casinos this ban will apply to. The software is Microgaming. I did call to inquire about the lock out talked to the head of security who knew about all my Microgaming accounts. This guy, to put it mildly, was pissed off big time.


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Apr 22, 2001
Casino Depot (Golden Palace) Thieves!!!

I have played during several previous promotions at the Golden Palace and co-owned Casino Depot, with no problems.

I recently got an email from the Golden Palace and Casino Depot stating that they thought I was taking advantage of their generous promotions. It suggested I should play during non-bonus times as well if I wanted to still receive promotions.

A couple days later, I got another letter with the details of my recent cashout after their latest promotion, saying they had just sent me a wire. They had a $1000 accounting error.

I called them, and it was fixed shortly.

I played with the $1000 they put back in my account and hit my first royal for $4000 ($1 Jacks).

I saw no more emails after this, including a cashout statement. I just checked my Playcheck records and found out why.

They reversed my cashout after the royal, and confiscated it, labeled as Fraud.

They reversed my previous cashout (3 days after they said they had sent the wire), labeling it as fraudulent also.

Total Casino Depot take: $7995.

Perhaps this is how they can afford to offer generous promotions.

promos ..only way2go

Just checked my email and got another $30 from wait, this time it's $50! Whoa...thanks James!

Golden are known crooks! Fraud...ha, now that is funny? You guys are the most fraudulant casino on the net and that includes First Live. The players have been funding those generous promos since your first customer ripoff. And yet, the players continue to play with you simply because of the promos. Sound like a loop? But, beware...your reputation is really starting to precede you and your player funded promos. Lets have one more generous promo though....and make it a good one for $8000! Quit dinking around with this small stuff.


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Nov 24, 2003
Oh Dean! come explain this one to us. We do not understand how microgaming and Golden Palace can be such cheats and ripoffs.

I promise, not to say anything about the toilet thing. But we will stand back and give you the floor. Why is James not getting paid?


Apr 15, 2000
I have also been playing at Golden Palace and Casino Depot for the promos. I didn't receive the warnings that the others have despite picking up around $6000 since christmas (only $500 during the big 50% promos cos I went easy on it). This $6000 was depite only averaging $5000 deposit per promo (which is half the maximum- although I deposited more in later promos but less in earlier ones). You can imagine how much they would lose if even only a couple of hundred people did this. They would be paying out millions in net loss due to these people already this year. Maybe they can afford to do this. If they need to deny people the bonuses they should have detected who was playing like this and not sent the promo emails. I think this must have been what happened to me because I never received the last Casino Depot promotion but I didn't receive the warnings that James and Wizard of Odds did either. I won't be playing any more though if they are legitimately able to seize the balances of people's accounts whenever they feel like it. I dont see anything in the rules to suggest they can do this.

A clause you may find interesting Mr. Adams of security is that you are not even allowed to play:

Employees of The Golden Palace Online Casino (the "Company"), its licensees, distributors, wholesalers, affiliates, subsidiaries, advertising, promotion or other agencies, media partners, retailers and members of the immediate families of each are not eligible to participate in the Game.


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Mar 2, 2002

I have a big problems with the mother fuckers Casino-On-Net. They cheated me, and took over $15000 from me. I have been playing their roulette, and I have been losing all the way!!!! I even got 16 consecutive blacks in a row. When I changed my bet n black it went RED!!!!!... So they have very bad odds!!!!!!

I also, live in the USA, and as it is known, it is not allowedto take Western Union from USA customers. However,they accepeted $5000 western union deposit!!!!! No other casino on the net takes wesetrn union from USA customers.

However, since I e-mailed them about all this and about the odds, they offered me $2000 to keep my mouth shut and to sign a letter of all my deposits. I refused. They stopped responding to my e-mails.

Moreover, all the casinos there is a monthly deposit limit of $5000 or so, this casino accept as much as you can lose!

I am now going to dispute all the charges against them.
What I ask is that what will happen, and what are the legal issues against me if I dispute the charges

Please tell me.....


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Make no mistake, avoid getting ripped off.
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Jan 12, 2001
I have word from Microgaming that Golden Palace will be making a statement shortly to clarify the issues that have been raised here recently. I expect the tone to be very apologetic - if it isn't there will be more explanations demanded of them.

I have no other information about what is happening - however I have made it clear that in my opinion, the issues at hand must be addressed in the proper forums and the proper manner.


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Apr 22, 2001
I will be very interested to understand by what logic the Golden Palace can 1) seize bonus money handed out to a player and fairly earned according to their rules, 2) seize all additional winnings in the players' account, including a royal flush jackpot, 3) reverse a wire withdrawal that had supposedly been sent 3 days previously so they can grab more cash.

$6995 attached to the explanation would be much better. I don't know how much more they grabbed from other players last weekend.

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