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Andrew Hooker

A tip for new gamblers:

1. Decide on how many $ you can afford to lose,
2. Decide on how many $ you want to win,
3. Decide on a strategy to obtain tip 2,
4. Play ONLY tip 3,
5. Leave when you have either lost tip 1, or won tip 2, no matter how tempting it is to keep winning. In fact, don't even hang around the table/area to see how you would've gone.

If you want to win more, go back often and remember DISCIPLINE,DISCIPLINE,DISCIPLINE!

Happy Gambling


I agree with Andrew, discipline is what counts !

but also the right tools, gambling with your own computer at internet casinos gives you an
edge. One can apply statistical analysis software
like the one from
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find the optimum betting strategy at blackjack
or roulette. This is something online gambler should exploit ! I would not think of gambling
anymore without any analysis program.

with regards,
Joe V.



Has any tried ArcticHouse Roulette Analyzer?
Is it really good?


Chad Parker

Joe mentioned a system analyzer. I have had some experience with a couple and neither one worked. One was Leonard Benson Co.'s WICS 1.0 and WICS 1.2. WICS is a program which runs in an MS-DOS window. You tell it the rolls and it tells you what bets to make. It is pure crap. It uses a hedging system and as everyone knows, hedging will not work in the long run, and rarely in the short run. It is supposed to recognize when casinos are not givig random rolls and get you out of the session. But most of the time by the time the program decides that the randomness of the rolls is not withing acceptable parameterss, it is too late and you've already been screwed. One thing I will give to Carmine Cannatello, the man who wrote the program, at least he realized the casinos were cheating and tried to exploit it. Unfortunately up until now he has failed.

Another program to watch out for is VICADV. VIC is an acronym for "vanquish internet casinos". This software is for roulette. It is just a rehash of an old system which has been around for years. It didn't work then and it doesn't work now. For $99.00 you can gain access to a sight where you can download this software plus other worthless systems. It is a real ripoff and should be avoided. They have a system that Bruce Irwin supposedly came up with. He claims he played it in the casinos for years and never lost. I don't know how people can get away with such bold out right lies. It turns out to be nothing but a cancellation system. I checked it out with some records of live casino sessions I have recorded from my own play. I picked 5 sessions at random, and it lost big time on 2 of them!!

In case anyone out there doesn't know, there is no cancellation system that will work in the long run and you have to be very lucky for them to work in the short run although you might win a few sessions before the hammer falls.

I haven't checked out "ArcticHouse". How are you doing with it Joe? or anyone?

Stuart Hallmark

Does anyone know anything about Tzo Tizuko and his horse racing or other gambling systems. It is markedted by Wright Publishing in New York. They make the most incredible claims I have ever heard about their systems.

Also, I would like to know if anyone knows anything about the "Paragon Factor" system.
Please e-mail me if you have info or post it here.

Stuart Hallmark

In answer to Joe's question about Arctic House, it appears to be as good as any but it will not win in the long run. I respect the people at Arctic House because they don't lie to you or make any boisterous claims about it never losing. They are careful not to even say that it will win in the long run. It is an aid for the gambler. I have seen other computer analysis systems such as the ones mentioned by Chad Parker and I agree that they are a waste of money.

I have spent several years researching an analyzing gambling systems. I have worked for a syndicate of professional gamblers and done some work for a couple of companies who sell gambling systems. I will tell you this. If a person or company had a system that truly worked over the long haul, I don't think they would be advertising it all over the internet or selling it in the mail. They would be in the casinos every day playing it and keeping it a closely guarded secret. Casinos would bar anyone seen playing a system that they honestly thought could beat them. Remember, casinos have access to the same information Joe Public has.

On the upside, however, the news isn't all negative concerning gambling systems. Some are better than others and give you a better chance of winning. And, there is one..... Well, we won't go into that here. If anyone has any questions about a particular system or if anyone has found something they believe will work and would like my "professional" opinion (for what that's worth), you can email me at

Timothy Chan

Stuart , where can I get info on these gambling systems which you have mentioned ?
Please furnish URL .

Stuart Hallmark

Any one who doubts that online casinos are cheating should go to the following website:

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Here is a company whose whole focus is to stop online casinos from cheating. Read the list of ways they cheat. I'll bet all of you have experienced some of these things.


Disagree with Stuart. Quixotic is a for profit company trying to peddle its wares and of course to sell anti-cheat software everyone must be cheating!


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Steve your comments please

Academic Looks At Video Poker Returns

According to Clemson Master's thesis video poker doesn't necessarily add up

A Master's degree candidate at Clemson University spent approximately 500 hours researching video poker gambling in South Carolina. His findings? That too often the numbers just don't add up in the bettor's favor.

"I was surprised," said Todd Mateer, the mathematical sciences student who authored the thesis. "I found that an expert-level player can average a positive wage (about minimum wage) if he played 40 hours a week over a two-year time period on a casino-style video poker machine in Las Vegas. But that's impossible for even an expert in South Carolina because of state-mandated caps and lower pay-off tables. And, realistically, most people are far from being experts."

Since its debut in South Carolina in 1986, video poker has become a game of great popularity as well as controversy. Machines number more than 33,000 and are ubiquitous in most Palmetto State gas stations and convenience stores. A recent state Supreme Court ruling could ban video poker by next summer, but that measure is likely to face fierce opposition by gambling proponents. Currently, by state law, the maximum payout per machine to a video poker player in a 24-hour period is $125.

Mateer's Master's degree thesis doesn't take sides in the issue but is purely a mathematical study, he said. Because of public interest in the issue, he and his research advisor Joel Brawley have co-authored a just-released research summary.

Using the theory of probability and extensive computer simulation programs that Mateer developed, the thesis examines the precise moves which should be made by a player for optimum expected return, and assuming such play, reports the probabilities and expected returns of various forms of the game currently existing in South Carolina.

His research verifies claims made in gaming literature that some machines have expected pay-off levels of 99.54 percent if played perfectly - meaning that for every $100 put into one of these machines, the player can expect about $99.54 in return. A player who does not use a perfect or expert strategy plays at a much lower expected return - sometimes as low as 50 percent - and loses money at a much faster rate than the expert player.

Other video poker games, if played perfectly, are considered winning games because they have expected returns of just over 100 percent. But the so-called positive statistics assume the players play at an expert level for 40 hours per week for roughly two years. In the short term, the player must be willing to go deep into debt before hitting the jackpot, which occurs, on average, about once in every 40,000 games.

But that's the best-case scenario in Las Vegas.

South Carolina's mandated $125-per-day payout means that even those expected pay-offs are dramatically lower. In one sample, the expert player would lose money about six times faster than if he were playing on a full-pay nickel machine in Las Vegas.

"The mathematical effect of the pay-off limit is that it has reduced the expected return on nearly all South Carolina machines and has transformed the perfect-play winning games on the fairest machines into losing games," Mateer said in his research paper.

Savvier players have stopped playing South Carolina video poker machines, according to Mateer, who said that most machines would still run losing games even if the pay-off limit were increased to $500.

Brawley and Mateer said they steered clear of the emotions at play in the video poker debate.

"We were determined not to take any side in this issue but, instead, to study the mathematical facts," said Brawley, an award-winning Alumni Distinguished Professor. "As a land-grant university, one of the responsibilities of Clemson is to undertake research which has some potential to benefit the citizens of this state."

Now that the research is over, though, the 25-year-old Mateer said he has advice for players, like him, who enjoy the thrill of the game. "Save some cash and trouble and just buy a video poker simulator for your home computer."

A detailed summary of his thesis is available online at
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Very interesting! I am not sure what type of machine they studied. Or the denomination of the machine. Those would all be factors in comming to a mathimatical conclusion. As far as the minimum wage for 40 hours of play. I would have to disagree.
I have never played poker in South Carolina, I have heard of the state regulated payouts per day and things like that. I have only played one nickel poker machine in a casino, that was one that you could bet 500 nickels at a pop.

It is possible to get over 100% return if you play correctly. So I guess the most of what he is saying is correct.


The problem with video poker is you are playing with a negative expectation untill you hit the royal. Whether you win in the long run all depends on hitting the royal. It's one hand which makes the difference between winning or losing.


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Has anyone ever played video poker in South Carolina? I am wondering how they enforse the $125.00 a day payout.


Steve, they only have nickel machines in South Carolina, last time I was there that is all that I saw. It must be hard to get a nickel video poker machine to pay out $125.00

A royal flush is only $200.00


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only sensible adults here



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Actually LVHM, he emailed me, and his methods are not phony. Actually I got a couple of ideas from his email that I never would have thought of.
His methods are free. What do you have to lose,
except the 5 mins it takes to read the email???


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