The 3rd Annual Dead or Alive Championship

Hi all,

Full promo to be published before EOW, almost entirely the same but 5 more spins than last year's and payout will be in January. Winnings from your free spins can be used to progress in our ridiculously excellent Xmas campaign, as all wagering counts towards the progress bar - whatever kind of funds they may be. If you haven't seen it yet, go now as it's very good, I promise. Like, really.

It took up a bit of my time, but it's stable now - so we can worry more about DoA - some lucky bugger signed up and won 20K on the mobile version today so it's performing as usual...making every casino manager bite his/her nails to a bloody stump.

In the meantime, anyone who sees this can get their early opt-in by emailing with the following details (please DO NOT opt-in via PM :)):

1) Guts Username
2) Registered Guts Email address (if possible, please send the email from the same address)

I'll look at you PMs tonight, or tomorrow afternoon, I do need to rush now as Im setting up all the goodies for the Xmas promo (did I mention the Xmas promo?)

I am sorry for hassle caused, but I do love you guys...most of you ;-)

Set volatility levels to 11....



Hi Yits. Will you also include Canadians in a non-Netent promo and competition that we can participate in?
Thanks in advance for remembering us Canadian CM'ers!
iv emailed but no clue what to do.

Nothing I guess.
We don't know this years rules or when it starts yet. He said he would post the full promotion before EOW=End Of the Week

Maybe it's now 3000 emails sent to that address since everyone, member here or not can just send their username. We know how fast these codes and emails are posted everywhere.
They will have some check up made later I believe so they don't credit spins to every single one. Sometimes the easy set up isn't the smartest:p
E-mail sent in the wee hours. I am excited for this year's challenge. This game is my nemesis , I love to hate it:p
I have sent an email last night, what happens next ?

I have never entered any of these things, probably should have years ago!!
The rep said it will start end of week or not? Why still not started?

When will it start?

No, he didn't. He said he would post the full promotion by the end of the week.
We don't know the rules yet, so just because people are sending emails doesn't mean they qualify.

Knowing Yits by now we can count on him not being on time ;)

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