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Feb 22, 2001
THAT'S ENTERTAINMENT! adds a new dimension to online betting sites

Bodog group was one of the first in the online gambling business to "get" the value of convergance inherent in combining entertainment with gambling, and it appeared this week that was thinking along similar lines.

The online gambling company announced the advent of 888 Flash Back (Link Removed ( Old/Invalid) a trend-setting animated Flash production that will feature random bites of trivia.

888 Flash Back will feature educational - and entertaining - Flash movies inspired by true historical events. Along with each movie there will be a description of the actual event.

The movies are completely free and can be added to personal websites, sent to friends directly and viewed online at the FlashOnes website.

Anyone with a website, blog or a MySpace profile can easily add these entertaining flash videos and enrich their site with original, amusing and attention-grabbing movies that combine history and humour to create a unique history lesson.'s Director of Marketing, Matt Robinson, explained the motivation behind the project, saying: "We are constantly seeking ways to provide new means of entertainment, to contribute to the online community and, of course, to benefit our users.

"We are very happy to combine together fun and value; we believe that there are many ways people can enrich their lives through educational entertainment."

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