Thanks to JHV, from Las Vegas tourist industry


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Feb 10, 2009
Philippines/Visiting Las vegas
A person is involved in "advertising" Gambling if he/she

(a) does anything to encourage one or more persons to take advantage (whether directly or through an agent) of facilities for gambling

(b) with a view to increasing the use of facilities for gambling, he/she brings them or information about them to the attention of one or more persons,

Hiya: The entire city of Las Vegas says, thankyou. The TV adds, and radio spots, and e mails that the tourism industry has been using were violating the Law, and they did not even know it.............:rolleyes:

Therefore, i have suggested to them, to keep the advertising but just to ammend it, "Come Visit Las Vegas", but to leave anything Gambling releated out......after all, there is tons of stuff to do here besides gambling........:rolleyes:........hehehehe

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