Thanks for BD gift NOT!


One more spin
Mar 1, 2011
toronto ontario canada
I have to thank 32Red and Casino rewards for a generous BD bonus, credit is due even though I only do a handful of deposits at there sites.

The casino I'm very loyal to make deposits every day I get 25 spins $5 value and I had to ask for it and you all can guess which casino.

I don't want to make this a negative against them I truly love their site and they are the best in my books and deserve casino of the year, but really!!

First I hate to ask for a bonus. I never do even after a brutal bad run, felt like a child to ask then get an email to say we don't give birthday bonuses but made an exception here is your free spins. I guess I should be thankful. I hope I don't come across of feeling entitled, honestly wish they left an email at sorry we don't give out BD bonuses. I feel the free spins were a bit insulting. I'm I wrong? are we expecting too much? My personal view is that BD and Xmas is the time all casinos should show their appreciation for there players especially their loyal players.
5, maybe 7 years ago I looked forward to xmas promos, xmas gifts and bday gifts

pretty much now, i expect, and generally, get, nothing

to add insult to injury, some casinos that DO reward players on birthdays, still give me jack because my birthday is xmas week so i hear 'oh, well, we have an xmas calendar' like it's my fault I wasnt born in June
Happy birthday!

Worst gift I've gotten is at Bwin this year, they gave a €50 afterwager bonus with only 2x wagering and there was an additional kicker: you had to wager it 2x on slots and 2x on sportsbets :laugh: Would've had to put my own funds in first, just don't bother giving anything then... I'd rather have a ND bonus with 35x wagering, atleast that feels like a gift!

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