Thanks Casinomeister! Thanks Buzzluck!


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I thought I should make a post here just to say thanks to casinomeister for giving me good advice when playing online casinos. I decided to play today and used casinomeister to find out which casinos were safe and credible to play at, I chose buzzluck as they were on casinomeisters accredited list and they had an exclusive bonus with them too, which convinced me to give them a try. I must say that I was very impressed, their site is stylish and laid out very nicely and looks very professional plus the software is easy to use. I sent them an email and got a reply within 30 seconds too! great service! Anyway to top it off (and I suppose why I am posting as very happy!) I won over 3,500 on slots from my 100 deposit! I noticed the banner at the top of the page for buzzluck which made me chuckle 'never mind Gordon Brown...' Well thanks buzzluck for this win will help me out of this financial mess Mr Brown has left our country in. A very nice suprise indeed. Right time for a beer :cheers:

Be lucky people!


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wow nevermind that buzzluck gets so desperate, to make odd postings like this one... :lolup::notworthy


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wow nevermind that buzzluck gets so desperate, to make odd postings like this one... :lolup::notworthy
Not so fast. I doubt whether Buzzluck will resort to such tactics. Though new, they have quickly sorted themselves out. Other than the Buzzluckfeel they also process cashouts very quickly not to mention them providing players with a personal touch. Acutally, I would have been more suspicious if the OP had not chosen the name 'luckybuzzer'. Wouldnt it have been too obvious?

About the only funny thing about them is that the RJs seem incredibly low. Have a lot of them been hit recently?


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I am nothing to do with buzzluck, just a lucky guy who played there and thought I would share my experience. :) What is an RJ??:confused:


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Random Jackpot.

Each RTG slot has one of these towards the top of the slot machine. It is a jackpot that goes off randomly to someone who is playing the slot at the time.


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Well i can agree with the Topic Poster.

I also "saw" this site at first at the CM webpage. Thought wel its accredited lets give it a try...

Made some good winnings. Waiting now for withdrawal. Lets hope Buzzluck lives up to their (coming) reputation of a fast pay-outter :thumbsup:

Thanks CM and Buzzluck, LOL :notworthy



well done on your wins luckybuzzer :thumbsup:, and thanks for letting us know your experiences:)

Sorry if this goes off the rail a little.

Its a shame so many of these threads have to be tainted with finger pointing its really enough to put a new poster off posting again, or ever posting. I joined CM a very long time before I actually had the courage to post after reading similiar comments made to others. We were all new once, In fact I still class myself as new, (new with more courage) before we post to new posters, it might be nice to consider wether its really appropriate and really necessary, I mean dont we want new members, or do we want to just scare them off:confused:

I agree completely with chuchu, I see no reason why buzzluck would need to resort to these tactics, It might cross my mind with some of the other RTGS as sadly they are not all what they once were, but without absolute proof, I would certainly never imply it. My name at Buzzluck is Buzzybee, I guess im lucky its not the same as here.

In regards to Buzzluck its self they are shining out as number 1 RTG for me and I have played them all, I like that they have made themselves avaliable on here, and are genuinely making all efforts to be a big part of the community, its a shame others dont follow in their footsteps.

I had all but given up on RTGs bar one site until I found Buzz, the one site I had prior has now gone, they had to date been very very quick with cashouts, my most recent one on Thursday I was told would be Monday, I wont bore you with the rest of the story, but I dont find that quick.

So Buzz is my cup of tea for now, I won $50 in there weekly competition which I loved doing wether it had been for money or not, went on to cashout out $200 ....prior to that I would struggle to remember the last cashout from an RTG. AND They paid super fast!!!! there customer service is outstanding, I had trouble making initial contact (my fault), and eventually sent Alex a PM, he wasnt on CM at the time, but within a minute he had answered. And Christy has been a gem ever since.

So I sincerely agree with luckybuzzer, thanks to Buzzluck and thanks to CasinoMeister for bringing them on board. :thumbsup:


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Congratulations on your wins.

I guess it must be me, but buzzluck seems one of the casino`s where i never win anything.


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i won 400 on buzzluck lastnight but i was playing with a bonus, so typical :rolleyes:


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I signed up the other day and havent deposited as yet due to the fact it is in euro ( Aussie dollar doesnt even compare) and the next day I got an email stating that I have a account manager on hand for me and if i have any quezitons just to ask etc, I thought that was a great touch and they seem to be paving the way for new ideas and would love to see what comes of it.

Will deposit soon enough when I got some money to spare.




My next

two deposits, werent quite as successful, but thats the way the cookie crumbles, and I quite expect it, I must say I struggle with the euro thing


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i got a mail saying i won 10 euro in the hero slots tournament :eek: wow that's so cool thank you buzzluck :)