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Feb 9, 2005
Pittsford, N.Y.
Every time i get the erg to dump 50.00 to play slots online, all i have to do is read these fourms on the whore stories lately and the erg is gone. Thank You keep up the good work casino owners you are saving me alot of money.
couldn't agree with you more, events of late have left me wondering what the hell is going on.

I've just emailed all casinos I hold accounts with to close my account, all software has been deleted from my PC.

It's time to say good bye and to thank everyone on here for their useful advice and good luck to all who are having cashout problems, particulary the bellerock saga.

It's time to get out enjoy the sunshine and life away from this keyboard, bye now.
I really hate to say I agree with you guys, but I am getting awfully close. What I've seen and read in the last 4-6 weeks has come very close to souring me on this industry as a whole. Really close. But IMO, it's not ONLY the casinos. There are some pretty shady players out there as well, who in their "zeal" to get back at the casinos, are only succeeding in making things worse for legitimate and honest players. Whatever spin you put on it, it's discouraging to say the least.
Maybe they want us to focus on the World Cup. Hopefully, the situation will get better after the Final. Sigh! Wishful Thinking.
MarcyW said:
I've gotta try and get into this World Cup.

I don't think there's any women players Marcy, he he he... :D
Pinababy69 said:
I don't think there's any women players Marcy, he he he... :D

Yeah there are. England have "Peter" Crouch and Argentina have the entire ladies Synchronised Diving team in their squad :D

I've been closing and deleting, too. Not because I'm losing, but because of poor performance, the horror stories, and bad experiences I read others have. No reason to return to those places. I'm actually quite reluctant to even start up with any new places anymore.

I've found a very few I will play with loyally, but everything is subject to change. I never thought Jackpot Factory would be on my do not play list, but even without this recent discovery, their performance and customer service has gone down hill in my opinion.

Going to Vegas soon, no waiting for payouts there!
I'm not playing much anymore mainly because I am losing every single time I play. I just wouldn't know how good CS is at any of them, whether they pay out quickly or not, or whether they are a good and reputable place to play anymore. You see, I never get the OPPORTUNITY to cash out as I never ever WIN anywhere!! In fact, I am rarely ever even a few dollars ahead at any given point! Forget this shit, too many other things to do besides hand my money over to a bunch of swindlers!! You've probably heard the saying that even a blind dog finds a fire hydrant once in awhile..... I must be deaf, dumb and blind (or the most unlucky individual on the planet to never ever win anywhere I play) Many of these are sites listed as credible at this site. I'm not blaming Bryan, but it stands to reason that if noone ever wins anything, noone has reason to complain as they never need to worry about contacting crappy CS, having withdrawls delayed, etc. The entire industry stinks, and I can smell it from here!!!
One last thought, Bryan, doesn't it bother you and make you concerned that your great forum has turned into a non-stop bitch session? I know some of these places make your living for you, but it has to be hard on you advertising the same sites that so many of us are complaining constantly about. I know you are just interested in running a legitimate site for players to communicate about the online gaming world, but I feel that alot of these operators are in a sense betraying you and your good work here. Please share any insights that you may have about the state of the industry and what you feel the future holds for those of us that feel shit upon by many of the accredited sites. Thanks (Please don't take this as a slam against you, all you casino reps feel free to take the slam, it seems well deserved)

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