Thank You Maxd !


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Nov 22, 2013
deep south of Eu
These few lines to thank Maxd for the excellent service he is providing with the PAB

Just closed a case and I can tell you it was the first time in my gambing carreer (started in 2003) in which I was already prepared to say adiòs to my winnings.

Its a Curacao casino and I had to wait more than 2 months, and try to do the withdrawing process 53 times in total.

But also thanks to the big efforts of Maxd, at the end I had been paid in full. Its not a huge amount of money, but I am a microroller and I am very disciplined also when we are talking about small numbers.

I don’t know what did happen behind the scenes in the process between Maxd and the casino, but I am 100% sure that having him on my side did help a lot.

The PAB is a free service and I think the real minimum I can do is a public appreciation post to Maxd.

I also would like to add that recently I sent a couple of players to CM since they were facing some serious issues with a casino. They did not know about CasinoMeister and PAB, after my advice they came here, they filed a PAB, they got their money, and finally they disappeared without even thanking people. I felt a bit saddened and disappointed with that. Someway, I would like to say THANK YOU to Maxd also in their name.

Well done, Maxd !


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Jun 30, 1998
And you are welcome, Orion. :thumbsup: We have been doing the best we can for the past couple of decades, and I am happy things turned out well for you.

And thanks for sending your pals this way - we provide a service, a free service as you well know, that is second to none. @maxd has more experience dealing with casino complaints than anyone else in the business. That is a fact.


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